Harvard Couple Paid Their Housekeeper $4 Per Week

housekeepingApril Taylor

The Boston Globe reports that the couple has made an agreement with prosecutors to pay the women $150,000 in restitution and to serve a year of probation.  Considering the couple could have faced up to ten years in prison under the dismissed charge of harboring an illegal immigrant, the reported agreement seems like a light punishment for stealing so many years of a young woman’s life.  Official sentencing is set to occur on April 2, 2014.

Reports do not go into detail about how the women was able to get away from the couple, only that she was removed from the couple’s home in May 2011.  There also is no current update on the woman’s condition or location.


  1. Wow.., How did they get caught? …

  2. This truly makes me sick to my stomach! How can any human treat another human being like this! Along with the money they should have enslaved them both in a jail cell for 10 years!

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