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Mother Loses Both of Her Sons Less than Three Weeks Apart


Mother Loses Both of Her Sons Less than Three Weeks Apart


by Liku Zelleke

The worst news any parent could ever hear is about the death of their child. But, for Oakland mother of two, Dinyal New, the news – and grief – came twice over.

On New Year’s Eve, New’s 13-year-old son, Lee Weathersby was shot and killed on 104th Av., near Walnut St. in Oakland.

Before the initial shock had even worn off, her eldest son, 19-year-old Lamar Broussard, was also gunned down near the intersection of 100th Av. and Longfellow.  Broussard was with his friend, Derrick Harris, who was also shot and killed.

Only 19 days had passed since his brother had been killed.

New said, “Hopefully the community people will come forward because how can a mother experience two losses within 19 days? Both her kids! It’s Horrible!”

“Somebody’s failing these kids. They feel like it’s OK to murder these kids. They have no remorse or understanding afterwards,” New said.

Meanwhile Tameka Rothchild, the mother of Harris and still in shock, said, “I love my son, and unfortunately people out here are heartless. They don’t have no morals. They don’t have no type of values. They don’t care about human beings.”

The Oakland police haven’t found any suspects in either of the killings thus far. That is why New is pleading for anyone in the community who has information about the killings to come forward.

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She also made a second request: “What I do ask is for no retaliation at all. I want to see this in the courts. I want retaliation in the court system. Please, no retaliation.”

In 1983, Oakland was named the “crime capital” of San Francisco Bay Area. The crime rate continued to escalate and, starting from the first decade of the 21st century, Oakland has consistently been listed as one of the most dangerous large cities in the United States.  Even a recent trip to the city by President Barack Obama went south after police radios went down while his motorcade was en route through the city.

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  1. Peter D. Slaughter

    January 22, 2014 at 9:30 pm

    This will not be a religous type response at all. i wonder how many people get it? In this case the woman the person who help make these sons will be blamed. The usual will be said ” she needed to be more responsible in having babies and not being able to take care of them right ” I have that cliche statement so many time’s it’s like a played out broken record in some cases it might apply.
    But overall in this case and many other’s like this.
    This is updated 21st century genocide of black people, black men,black youth and black families going down right in our faces now ?/ Ever seen the movie ” Escape from New York ” ?
    How about one of those Mad Max movies or the movie ”
    Fortress ” . Go watch them again real careful and think about what was depicted in future and then think about now and the deaths of this lady 2 sons. Do you get the picture now ?
    Those of us who keep hollering for god,jesus or allah to come to the rescue they need to wake up and realize none of these energy
    deties have showed up yet.
    The death of these two and the many other black males killed and beat in the streets of this country is nothing but updated,reorganized slavery,eugenics and genocide.
    Who controls the violent filled images that are use to cause these type of deaths of black males all over this country ?
    Who controls th making of the guns and ammo being used to do all this killing ?
    Instead of marching and praying in these urban areas where all this death and dying is taking place. How about organizing to go march on the grounds of these gun and ammo companies to them stop sending your tools of death to black people in urban black communities. That would be in the tradition of the brother MLK Jr. How about marching against these racist white own record labels who are making money off the death and misery of black people by selling these ignorant slave like rap cuts.
    Get a copy of the book ” Black on Black Violence by Amos Wilson.
    It might wake some of us to the nightmarish reality of bearing witness to 21stt century of afrikan and black people world wide.

  2. Elem

    January 23, 2014 at 1:07 am

    Dear Black brothers and sisters, please abandon your faith in the government and return to relying on each other to solve your problems.

    The kids who turn to violence are the ones who have experienced intellectual segregation in the public schools. They were led to believe that they would never amount to anything, and now you have a classic case of self fulfilling prophecy.

    Enough said.

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