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Young Black Man In Jail For Attempted Murder After Victim States He Didn’t Do It


Young Black Man In Jail For Attempted Murder After Victim States He Didn’t Do It

Shannon Zach NyamodiBy Yolanda Spivey

In April 2012, Shannon Zach Nyamodi had just graduated high school, was working as an electrician’s assistant, and was part of a musical band that played in local clubs around his quaint North Carolina town.  He was slated to join the military in November of that year.  But instead of going through with his projected plans, 18 year old Shannon found himself sitting in a jail cell for a crime his family and friends said that he did not commit.

On  August 16, 2012, Shannon had just come from a gig with his band and had fallen asleep in his truck which was parked at his friend’s home.  He was awakened by the sounds of gunshots and quickly looked around to see a white woman from the adjacent home running towards the house where he was located. Blood was pouring from her head. Shannon exited his truck and ran towards the woman, who told him that she had been shot and that her “daughter” was responsible. When Shannon looked towards the woman’s home, he saw a white male fleeing the scene.

Shannon called 911 and tried to console the lady while help arrived. All the while, the victim kept telling him over and over again that her 15 year old daughter had “set her up.”

The victim worked for a dentist’s office and was known to carry large amounts of cash on her.  Those close to her knew that she kept the cash in her home.  It’s alleged that her 15 year old daughter was seen on Facebook weeks earlier asking people on her page if anyone wanted to be paid to shoot her mother.

Shannon’s mother, Elizabeth Crudup told Your Black World that she thinks the wrong people read the young lady’s post.

Ms. Crudup explained that after the police arrived, the shooting victim also told them repeatedly that her 15 year old daughter was responsible for the shooting.  The police report backs up this statement.  Ms. Crudup also states that the police interviewed her son and took a statement from him at the scene of the disturbance.  They thought their nightmare was over, but the police came back the next day and arrested Shannon.

Ms. Crudup stated, “At first we thought they were detaining him to ask more questions. I was in complete utter shock when I went to the police department and they told me they were going to charge him with the shooting of this lady.”

Shannon was booked on charges that he conspired with the victim’s 15 year old daughter to commit robbery and murder.  Shannon had never met the young lady although they did go to the same high-school, which is the only high-school in their small town.

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The Crudup family raised $30,000 and retained the services of an attorney who happened to be a former prosecutor.  Ms. Crudup suspects that her attorney is working with the prosecution on this case because on many occasions, the attorney tried to force Shannon to take a plea deal instead of motioning the courts to reduce his hefty $500,000 bail.

The next week after the shooting occurred, the gun that was used in the shooting and the money that was stolen mysteriously turned up at the sheriff’s office.  All the money that was taken was accounted for, and most importantly, Shannon’s DNA wasn’t found on the gun or money.

Also, countless eyewitnesses in the neighborhood, (which can also be found in the police report), state that a young white male was seen running from the victims home.

So why is Shannon Nyamodi still sitting in jail?

Ms. Crudup suspects that the Sherriff’s office is connected in some way to her son’s case and is trying to conceal the identity of the real perpetrators.

The very same day the crime happened a young white male who matched the description of the person running from the home, was seen in pictures on his Facebook page holding a large amount of cash.  The caption of the picture read, “They should arrest me tonight but I guess they are not going to take me in.”

The young male had a cousin who was just released from jail a week before the crime, and the young man himself was expecting a child. They both are part of a well known gang in the area.  They are also suspected to be relatives of someone in the Sheriff’s office.

Ms. Crudup has a small amount of support in the community. She stated, “people often would come up to me and tell me that they know my son did not do this.  The DA even told me that my son had nothing to do with this and that he would be home for Christmas.”

But that is not the case.  Shannon’s case has been completely removed from the Franklin County Courts computer system.  And although the DA feels that Shannon is innocent, Ms. Crudup feels that the Assistant D.A. “wants to pen the crime on someone, anyone.”

Ms. Crudup is asking that anyone out there that can help her with this case, please get into contact with her immediately. She would like to bring her son home in time for the holidays.

More information on this case can be found on the Crudup family’s website at

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  1. DoverDavisJr

    December 23, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    We can talk about how unfair black folks and black immigrants are treated but until there is unity and structured-organized responses to each violation when it occurs the violations will continue.

    Black people fail to show social interest for oneanother and for our community. We are divided and indifferent and people like the sheriff know this, so they continue to violate our civil rights and they receive help in some cases from the Black conservatives.

    I believe that blogs like this one informs the people but black people must unite because we are black because we are being attacked because we are black.

    And this is everyday!!!!

  2. Ann G.

    December 23, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    The White kid that did it is kin to someone in the DA’s office or his parents are very good friends of someone in the DA’s office. The Feds need to come in on this one for someone is hiding something. If the victim says it was not him and others in the neighborhood saw a White male running from the scene, then what the hell is the problem? Unless the old south has risen again and just have that “redneck” need to pin this on someone Black!

  3. Charles

    December 24, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    This very sad to hear. The way we still are being mistreated even though we are innocent, this racial activity that continues to perpetrate is more worse today than it was when I was growing up in the South which is North Carolina as well. Let me tell you one thing. “These predator states such
    as my own, they’re never going to act on reconcilation because of who we are. But always feel that you or we are somebody. Don’t be inferiorated because some Blacks have been so Americanized, some seem to forget who they actually
    are. Part of standing tall is one part of the problem that Whites do not like today. Being silent
    will not get us any place. As Rosa Parks mentioned,
    “When you know and do the right thing, you have nothing to fear.” So when I hear poor innocent Blacks go to jail I become angry because the justice system in this country is blind on the steps and halls of in this country, its brain dead.

  4. kathy arnold

    December 30, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    when we realize things! and hip-hop! is a dead end street;;

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