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Parents in Chicago Tell Clear Channel: Stop Persuading Our Kids to Kill Each Other


Parents in Chicago Tell Clear Channel: Stop Persuading Our Kids to Kill Each Other


Most hip-hop enthusiasts have been astonished by the way the genre has evolved over the last 20 years.  The music went from telling kids to have fun in the park or engage in activism, to telling them to use drugs all day and blow each other’s brains out. Most psychologists and marketing scholars know that this kind of influence on young people breeds a desensitization to violence and deviant behavior.

A group of parents, consisting of Lauren Horst and other concerned citizens of Chicago, have had enough.  The group is asking Clear Channel to show more responsibility in the kinds of music it selects to be played on both WGCI and the Big Jam Concert that is coming up this year.  The group also says that it is no coincidence that most of the violent lyrics speak of black-on-black violence, but the stations would likely not allow lyrics that promote black-on-white violence or black-on-gay attacks.

Here is the letter below.  You can join the conversation on their Facebook page: 


Open Letter to Clear Channel concerning the content of the music played on WGCI and the upcoming Big Jam Concert!!

Concerned Citizens Against Violence, Clear The Airwaves Project and Substance Over Nonsense along with other community groups are asking Clear Channel to PLEASE discontinue broadcasting music that is disrespectful to your listeners. The mere fact is that there is rash of violence, broken families, drug used and sexual exploitation going in the society. While Black People are disproportionately affected, they are not the only group that is been affected by these dysfunction symptoms. There are other races that are listening to this music that are trying to cope with the negative behaviors often imitated from the music. In just about every song in the urban/hiphop market that Clear Channel owns and operates the topics are either about violence, sex drugs or disrespecting women. The violence is about Black on Black violence I never hear lyrics about someone committed a violent act on a white person it is almost always N***er(a) nor is White on White violence a theme on your stations. It will not be tolerated, because it is disrespectful. It does not matter what race is the focus on the lyrics, it is still disrespectful and unnacceptable. Why are positive artist, such as Lupe Fiasco not getting airplay on your urban stations? We only hear the negative artist. Because these negative groups are the vast majority of the artist played on your stations our youth are don’t have much of a choice but to listen to 2chainz, Meek Millz and etc. 
Currently Chicago is known to be the murder capital of the United States. Instead of providing influential musical resources (positive Hiphop artist on your playlist) that can quell some of the violence, you continue to play music and support artist that encourage violence. For example, the upcoming WGCI Big Jam Concert sponsor by Remy Martin and Beggars pizza, will include artist such as Meek Millz ‘Amen,’ “She wanna fuck and U say Church (Preach),” Chris Brown ‘Strip,’ “Girl I just wanna see you strip, God damn you sexy, Goddamn you sexy, God damn you sexy,” French Montana ‘Aint Worried about nothing,’ “ Brown Bag with that work strapped with Nina (got to) Bad bitch with me molly and Aquifina,” 2Chainz ‘Birthday Song,’ “ All I want for my birthday is big booty hoe, “Asap Rocky ‘Fuckin Problems,’ “I love bad bitches, that’s my fucking problems and yeah I like to fuck, I got a fucking problem.” Every artist on the roster for the Big Jam doesn’t have anything positive to say. All the lyrics above are demeaning and this all-ages show! As concerned citizens who purchase products from advertiser, we are asking for the music to be change and that Clear Channel be more respectful of the community. WGCI can’t stop the hits to talk about violence than play violence music after they done broadcasting. 
Thank you in advance for what we hope will be some major changes in you musical programming.
Sincerely, — with Maria Weezy Lloyd and 74 others.

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  1. ixon1

    November 25, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    One of our main problems as a people is we DO NOT see ourselves as a nation within this nation! We allow other people into our communities and do nothing when they take the wealth out of our communities and we do not hold them accountable. Also we have not in the last 30 plus years pooled our money to control our communities as other races do. Jewish people would not allow their young people to to degrade each other,talk about killing each other,degrade their women. But Jewish and white record executives pay to keep us mentally dead and incite the chaos by paying the artist and telling them what to say and the artist getting caught up in their own hype which when they fall out of favor or cast aside or end up dead. And we like swine at the trough continually consume filth and degeneracy. And the ironic we are as minstrels on display with no sense of dignity and self esteem (As long as I am getting paid) God has taken a back seat to the “Anything Goes Mentality” Which is our fault! It is up to us to use our money as a strategic weapon to effect the change we want. Until we begin to take control of our destiny it will be forever in the hands of those that that justify their behavior against us because of our lack of a real unity. Until we stop being analytical and each one of us use our money to change our circumstance Our tribulation will increase.

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