Obama's Inaugural Address Wasn't Divisive, But It Did Signal That He's Giving Up on Right Wing Voters | Kulture Kritic
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Obama’s Inaugural Address Wasn’t Divisive, But It Did Signal That He’s Giving Up on Right Wing Voters


Obama’s Inaugural Address Wasn’t Divisive, But It Did Signal That He’s Giving Up on Right Wing Voters

President Obama was elected on the promise that he would usher in a new era of unity in government. The young upstart politician seems to have believed thatobama inauguration 2013 he could extend an olive branch to Republicans and, eventually, both political parties would work together to make government work as intended.

Conversely,  Obama’s second inaugural address didn’t include any Republican ideas. It was, surprisingly to some, the standard address you’d expect of any Democratic president, and that has infuriated Republicans.

As National Journal reports, President Obama seems to have come out – as a Democrat – during his second inaugural address:

On issues from gay rights to gun control, immigration reform, and climate change—all of which he highlighted in his ringing Inaugural Address last week—Obama is now unreservedly articulating the preferences of the Democratic “coalition of the ascendant” centered on minorities, the millennial generation, and socially liberal upscale whites, especially women. Across all of these issues, and many others such as the pace of withdrawal from Afghanistan and ending the ban on women in combat, Obama is displaying much less concern than most national Democratic leaders since the 1960s about antagonizing culturally conservative blue-collar, older, and rural whites, many of whom oppose them.

What this demonstrates is that Obama has come to terms with the hard reality that he’ll never win over those on the right. Those people will remain opposed to Obama no matter what, and it seems that Obama has finally resigned himself to that. In doing so, he is finally saying goodbye to Reagan Democrats.

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  1. TAS

    February 1, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    This is spin on an Intergalactic scale… When he first met with McCain on the Health Care Plan & McCain tried to make a suggestion, Obama haughtily dismissed him with “I won” & this is how it’s going to be….Later he blasted the drug & insurance companies as greedy & injurious to the country while charging physicians with choosing to take out kids tonsils to make a buck…(Have never met one of these doctors myself) Over the last 4 years, he has denigrated every sector of the private economy with the only exception being the Unions… Even many liberal political analyst say that he includes few in his confidence & decision making, including his cabinet… Maybe this is why Hillary Clinton was so “Missing in Action” with regards Benghazi….Of course, he blames everything on George Bush yet changes few of his policies & the GOP on fiscal matters yet could not get one Senator, Dem or GOP, to vote for his last Budget (voted down 99 -0) while tolerating letting the Senate go 3 years without fashioning anything resembling a budget…He totally ignored the Simpson Bowles Commission Recommendations & met only once or twice with his Business Competitiveness Committee, comprised of some of the top CEOs in the country, which he himself formed… And we’re supposed to believe that others are to be blamed for things not getting done… HE HASN’T A CLUE HOW TO NEGOTIATE OR WORK WITH THE OTHER SIDE…& NOT EVEN HIS OWN SIDE IN SOME CASEs…..He is still operating as the Community Organizer, always out on the stump, stirring up
    stuff…but seldom making any real change or getting things done.

  2. Mother-Nature

    February 2, 2013 at 9:15 am

    WHAT REPUBLICAN IDEAS COULD OBAMA INCLUDE IN HIS SPEECH? Most of their recent proposals have not been very good…all they do is ignore problems, block proposed jobs bills, and try to take away women’s contraception. Rightwingers keep harping on the Benghazi problem…when even the FBI still has not found out “the motive” for the attacks. We do know that there are terrorists out there who are constantly trying to attack the U.S. embassies and bases.

    It is extremely difficult to negotiate with or “find common ground with” the GOP….because their ideas and principles are not based upon facts, evidence, research (etc.) …but upon their AYN RAND philosophies and political ideology.

    Pres. Obama addressed the serious problems that confront us…such as: POVERTY, CLIMATE CHANGE, IMMIGRATION, and CIVIL RIGHTS, etc.

    IF YOU STUDY UP ON THE CAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE…you will not laugh anymore.

    Once you understand the GREENHOUSE EFFECT…you will understand what makes the climate change…whether it was a thousand years ago…or happening now. When there are too many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere…they hold heat. And there are other problems that are causing the problem we face today to be much worse — such as cutting down too many rainforests.

    There has been a serious disruption of the ECO-SYSTEM…and thus, the Earth is reacting with monster storms, hurricanes, wildfires, etc.

    REPUBLICANS keep denying and lying about these issues…as the polar ice caps melt….the weather gets wilder….the storms get bigger….and the planet gets warmer. Most of the rightwingers are supporters of the POLLUTERS…like Big Oil and coal. Thus, they cow-tow to the KOCH BROS. and RUPERT MURDOCH….all who have been fabricating lies about GLOBAL WARMING.

    READ UP ON THESE FACTORS. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    It is worse to waste a perfectly good planet !

  3. Pastori Balele

    February 2, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    I am going to repeat it her again.This is a call for all Americans now. I am asking all Americans of race and creed to e-mail President Obama to appoint Jesse Jackson, Sr., to head federal agency – such as Secretary of Interior. Jackson is respected all over the country for his knack to bring warring parties together. Jesse can be instrumental to bring senses to residents in big cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee and LA to stop killing one another. Let’s start this campaign – E-mail President Obama to appoint Jesse as Secretary of Interior. I have e-mail President Obama today. Join me. I will also e-mail NAACP President and Al Sharpton to talk to President Obama to appoint Jesse Jackson for this particular position. We love Jesse Jackson

  4. Erica

    February 2, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    He won the election. Period. He has a vision for the county like any/every other leader and will do what he thinks is right for the country he was elected to run. And no, Jesse won’t be elected to anything, there are other people who can reach out to our communities in trouble. Let Jesse sit this one out.

  5. DAD

    February 3, 2013 at 10:00 am

    To Danny Glover / All Other Blacks in America, Caribbean, Africa/Worldwide Blindly In Love With Barack Obama. As you speak iin blind support of Obama and against those speaking out against Obama / Gun Control Opponents / Second Amendment Advocates many of whom in untold substantial numbers are black people, I don’t know but fully doubt if the vast majority of you even realize let alone know that:

    The USA Gov’t, CIA, CFR, Tri-lateral Commission, UN, State Dept., Bilderburg Group, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, U.S./European Big Biz, and Vatican Jesuit General Resurrect/Achieve Huge Wide Scale New Black Slavery, Death, Genocide, & Aparthied via Deliberate Destruction of African Americans’ Economic Gains via Deliberate Long Term Entry/Distribution of Cocaine/Heroin/Guns in Black Communities, Development/Introduction of HIV/AIDS Epidemic, Heavy Promotion of Black/White Interracial Procreation, Promotion of False Post-Racial America on Heels of Advance Packaging/Selection/Financing of America’s First 1/2 Black/White Elitist Puppeted POTUS Strategically Picked to Bail Out Wall Street, Manage USA’/Europes’ Instigation of Domino Civil Uprisings/Wars in African/Middle East Countries, Further Erode U.S. Constitution/Public School Education System, Ignore Highest Ever Long Term Black American Unemployment, Manage Rapid Expansion/Privatization of USA Prison Industrial Complex Big Biz/Oversee Preparation of FEMA Hold Camps / Marshal Law Nationwide, Forced Removal of Blacks from Major U.S. Cities Nationwide via Financial Terrorism/Oppression, Greater Oppression/Hijacking of Haiti, Destruction of The Africa Union (AU) Movement, / Further Iron-Fist Control, Destabilization, / Ultimately Recolonization of Africa Again to Resurrect on Huge Scale New Economic/Education/Social Black Aparthied, Slavery, and Genocide.

    Read Information Below Authored By Poster “Big Will” Re: HIV Deliberate Development. Also Read:“The Isis Papers” by AA Female Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

    HIV is synthetic. It has been developed over a number of years and it has an affinity for people of color. What the science and medical evidence concludes is that the HIV enzyme seeks out a receptor site in the blood of the Black genome. The receptor site is the CCR5 Delta 32+ (positive) gene that all people of color have. In the same sense, on the other end of the spectrum, is the 15 percent Caucasian population of the world, which is CCR5 Delta 32-(negative) gene. That means that under no circumstances, whether HIV came through the air, intravenous drug usage or any form of s****l activity, would the virus be transferable in Caucasian sector of the world’s population, which is basically of northern European descent.

    It is speculated by some experts that, in a worse case scenario, 85 percent of the world’s population could potentially perish under these designer viruses and designer synthetic biological agents. What we’re looking at here—because of this identified gene of the Black genome, this CCR5 Delta32+ (positive)—we are potentially looking at the eradication of all people of color. The bible states “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” The true devil doesn’t wear red tights, a cape with horns protruding from his forehead instead, the devil incarnate are diabolical Caucasian scientist (men and women) in white lab coats.

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