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Why We Must Leave Obama’s Girls Out of the Gun Fight


Why We Must Leave Obama’s Girls Out of the Gun Fight


In each of the first three years of his presidency, I urged Barack Obama (in vain…read herehere andhere) not to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard—the summer redoubt of notables ranging from the Kennedys to Oprah—even if it is, among African Americans at least, as sure a sign as any that you’ve “arrived.”

Because it’s also a place where elite folk go to escape the hoi polloi, and so Obama risks looking like he’s out of touch if he’s living a lifestyle that’s above the pay grade of average Americans.


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  1. Makeba

    January 26, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    Unfortunately, we have seen that no matter what Pres. Obama does or where he vacations — if he plays basketball, goes bike riding, or plays golf….he gets vilified by someone. The rightwing nuts (Tea Party fringe) attack, ridicule, and demean him and his family — putting up foul, racist signs with apes on them, or African witch doctors.

    And now we have the NRA putting mess in commercials about his children. It is all shameful and most of it nothing but slander. No other President has had to put up with so many attacks upon their heritage, culture or family.

    HE GETS ATTACKED BY SOME BLACK FOLKS TOO….Although he has done many good things for most of the country and for AFRICAN-AMERICANS…such as —
    * BLACK HISTORY MONTH Proclamation
    * Dedication of the NAT’L BLACK HISTORY MUSEUM
    ……and funds and resources for students.
    * Helped change SENTENCING for drug offenders.
    * Anti-CHILD OBESITY Prog. (Ms. Obama – “Let’s Move”)
    * Honored the TUSKEGEE AIRMEN

    ….and many other programs and services…

    He also fought to keep unemployment insurance for workers and to have HEALTH CARE for most people.

    Pres. Obama is not superman….he is a man…who has done a lot…but gets attacked from the right, left, and from a lot of negroes too. Instead of attacking him with ridicule and insults…why not take him some SOLUTIONS and PROPOSALS for what you want and need???

    • Mother-Nature

      January 26, 2013 at 7:28 pm

      And don’t forget the millions of dollars that have been allocated for fighting global warming and creating GREEN JOBS. Thru his STIMULUS ACT funds, Pres. Obama helped to fund “Green the Ghetto First” services, training programs, and small businesses that did construction work such as ‘insulating buildings.”

      Million$$$ have been and will be allocated to create “green pathways out of poverty,” i.e. job training for low-income people in fields like solar power installation and green roofing. African-American have the highest unemployment rate of all groups…that GOING GREEN is a way to put some green in their wallets and purses.

      Pres. Obama realizes that all of us are facing a serious threat from global warming, pollution and the resulting wild weather and diseases. He pledged again to fight it in his Inaugural address.

      But sadly, there are still those who deny that global warming is a problem…and some negroes who think that we can make the wild weather — monster tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, etc. — go away…simply by BEING BLACK….preaching “black stuff, black power…hate whitey…etc.” They tell others… just “segregate from whitey and make money” — and all will be well.

      It is wonderful to learn about and understand African history and culture. Our heritage is one that historically honored, revered and communed with “Nature.” Long ago, Africans saw Nature as a “sacred part of life” — and not just something to pillage and wreck.

      HOW RIDICULOUS !!!! That is simply not true. We have had record HEAT WAVES and now the nation is suffering a record COLD BLAST across the country. Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, the monster wildfires, droughts, etc. — are all symptoms of a planet that has become tooo warm.

      • Mother-Nature

        January 26, 2013 at 7:34 pm


        “If you think that making money is more
        important than taking care of the environment —
        let’s see how long you can hold your breath
        while counting money…”

        “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.”

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