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U.S Trade Rep. Ron Kirk Jumps Obama Administration Ship


U.S Trade Rep. Ron Kirk Jumps Obama Administration Ship

ron kirkU.S Trade Representative, Ron Kirk, is leaving the Obama administration in late February. Kirk worked for a successful trade agreement with Panama, Colombia and Korea. The former mayor of Dallas announced his plan, on Tuesday, in a brief statement. Kirk served as the administration’s top negotiator for trade during President Obama’s first term.

Kirk’s reasons for leaving the Obama administration are still undisclosed, but his plan to leave was communicated through an email statement. The 58-year-old rep. said that trade is a major part of the administrative efforts to support American jobs at home. He also added that the administration made great strides to negotiate with trading countries based on the fair trade agreements.

Kirk also led the administration’s efforts to bring cases like China’s unfair trade practices before WTO. China was accused of imposing heavy tariffs and import duties on U.S auto parts, automobiles and other steel products. The U.S Trade office, under Ron Kirk’s leadership, joined the European Union and Japan in accusing Chinese trade policies of using its earth minerals to manufacture flat-screen televisions, hybrid car batteries and many other hi-tech products.

The White House praised Kirk’s efforts in advancing free trade agreements and revealing unfair trade practices. Although the White House has not yet announced his successor, Fred Hochberg may be good choice. Fred Hochberg is the president of the U.S Export-Import bank also worked for U.S trade policies during President Obama’s first term.

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Chief of Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson, a black woman, has also announced her departure and Obama will be left with only Susan Rice and Eric Holder as the remaining black aids in his office.

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  1. Mother-Nature

    January 25, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Working for the Gov’t is difficult. People leave all the time.

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