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Should Welfare Checks be Tied to Kids’ School Grades?

Yesterday afternoon, Fox News hosted a discussion on whether a Tennessee proposal to tie welfare checks to kids’ school grades was a good idea. The welfare fox debatedebate was between the writer of the Tennessee law and a former school superintendent who isn’t a fan of the proposed law.

“This has nothing to do with food stamps or school lunches or anything or school-housing vouchers,” he continued. “This is a straight cash payment that the state gives to these people that are in need, but we need to stop this generational poverty.”

Former school superintendent Jo Ann Roberts said that local governments should focus on training to equip parents to help them with their children’s education.

“The thing is, we have a lot of parents who couldn’t get a flip. We can’t get them on the phone. They don’t show up to any parent-teacher meetings,” Campfield replied. “We have to find some way to motivate those parents to say, wait a second, maybe it’s important if I talk to the teacher once a year at least or to see how my son or daughter is doing.”

“I think he needs to dig a little deeper,” Roberts argued. “If he’s targeting the parents that don’t give a flip, let that be the target population, and let’s go in there and if we have to go to their homes and get these parents. This is what we had to do in Chicago. We want to make something work, we go to the home, we find the parents. Nothing stops us from our objective of getting them engaged. Let’s talk to targeted parents that don’t give a flip. Let’s ask them what is it going to take for them to give a flip.”

What do you think? Is this a mechanism for holding  parents accountable or is it just another way of cutting welfare?





  1. This is a loaded proposal in that schools have to be able to learn themselves the learning styles and capabilities of the students. The level of liability is astronomical. If the educational system fails the parents and the child are punished. It sounds like eugenics being applied on an academic level. It is an experiment though that must accommodate and compensate for cultural expectations and biases within the classroom. This would give much power to the PTA and the ACLU. A dope dealer could set up a program like this. The state will wind up owning many children. From gun control to parent control the end result is always the same. The state will own your guns and your kids. This program is not as cost effective as they hope it will be. There are just too many independent variables that can crash the program.

    • First they started w NCLB & RTTT linking teachers job security to student test scores. At first it may sound fair except the test are NOT written by the teachers but by testing corporations for BIG BUCKS. Plus when you delve into the history of standard testing. they were designed to be biased against non-WASPs [aka non-whites & non native English speakers].

      Like-wise w this dubious idea, linking welfare checks to kids’ grades. IMO This is even lamer than linking kids’ scores on standardized tests to teachers’ job security. Welfare Parents do NOT have much control over what’s being taught to their kids in school [although they definitely should have more say], so beyond some accountability for making sure their kids come to school regularly & on time, anything else is basically beyond their control. Plus when these Gov’ts start cutting welfare payments to families whose kids are NOT getting good grades, just how the H*LL will that improve the situation??? It won’t! It’ll just make it worse & probably give them the excuse to needlessly break-up more Black & Brown families! But these Numb-Skulls will swear to the Hi-Heavens that what they’re proposing is all for the kids’ benefit! [The Road to H*LL is paved by those claiming that they supposedly had ‘Good Intentions’]!

  2. And who teaches the child how to learn?

  3. This proposal is more of the junk that we keep getting from the rightwing nuts…the TEA-PUBLICANS. It is not the same as “gun control.” This idea is in line with all the GOP mess in which they want to cut off funds to the elderly, the disabled, the poor, the schools, the children.

    And some of y’all say that it does no good to vote…but YES it does — if we vote OUT people like them. The promote the “free market” — but WHERE ARE ALL THE FREE MARKET JOBS????

    OUR RICH BLACK RAPPERS, ATHLETES, CELEBRITIES….need to quit partying….and help your own people. Can’t we open some factories? Can’t you find a few small business…maybe a bookstore or tutoring service…and FUND IT????

    CAN YOU STOP RAPPING and wasting money on nonsense for a while and do something positive for the youth????

    It’s sickening the way most of them do little more than have expensive parties, make videos and songs with foul lyrics….”shake your booooty” … (drive by shootings) and all that. QUIT BLAMING PRES. OBAMA for our own people are doing to themselves. Stop partying and help somebody.

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