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  1. Robert Cashin
    January 14, 2013

    Nugent or not I thought we lived in a democratic nation. That would mean majority rules. Can anyone explain the math to me that 25 or even 38 percent is a majority vote?
    Also can you explain how the comments made are racist in any form?
    Good attempt at clouding the issue!

  2. Makeba
    January 14, 2013

    For one thing… Nugent needs to get a dictionary and read what “psychotic” means. He is wrong on that. We have not even seen what the “Gun Committee” and V.P. Biden are recommending and here is Nugent running his foul mouth.

    And racist…well — only when our Pres. is BLACK have we heard a lot of this crazy talk. Back in the days of the original BLACK PANTHERS….the Republicans wanted “gun control.” They did not want African-Americans to have guns. So why is it “psychotic” now for Pres. Obama to want some “regulations” to keep down the high rate of gun murders and these shootings at schools, theatres, etc. — which have been committed by WHITES????

    And he and his rightwing cronies have been harping on Pres. Obama — along with some other haters — over nonsense…accusing him of all sorts of crazy mess…like he is a “socialist, communist, etc.” And then they have fits about the “unemployment rate.” BUT …it is very odd that many of these people have money to run out and buy so many guns and ammo that the police are worried.

  3. Onesilverbac
    January 14, 2013

    Makba; Don’t forget the 500 killed in Chicago mostly killed by blacks, as it is in most major cities we do most of the killing..

    I find it unsettling if only the government, cops and crooks have guns! You can trust the government to do whats right by it’s citizens, history says it won’t last.

    (Now if someone breaks into your house at 10 this evening and assuming they didn’t cut your phone line, how long will it take the police to get to you? What harm could be done in that amount of time if they had a gun?)
    Everyone does not care to be a victim!

    Do you remember when POTUS was 1st elected, he said we needed a armed force that was not the army! Was he testing the water? he never said exactly what that statement means, or why he would even need them. just say n.

  4. Makeba
    January 14, 2013


    I am not advocating that anyone take away all the guns. I was responding to that nutty TED NUGENT …who is usually making dumb comments. This guy is a clown and has no idea what he is talking about….just silly. If anyone is “psychotic” it is him. There was a time when the WHITE REPUBLICANS really wanted gun control. That is a fact of history…easily found via a Search Eng.

    Also, I have not heard Pres. Obama or V. P. Biden speak of taking away all the guns. I have only heard about “regulating” what is out there, who gets the bullets, and all that. At least we could wait to see what the “Gun committee” has to say.

    Why even have a committee on the problem if we have kneejerk clowns like NUGENT to tell us what to think and do?

  5. Albert Hill II
    January 14, 2013

    Onesilverbac, Chicago is not a majority African American city, its equal 1/3 of three races & cultures White Black & Hispanic & actually the Hispanic death rate is on par with the African American homicide rate. I’m not sure if Ted Nugent is a racist or just a far right nut case that despises have a Man of color as the leader of this country & the free world, he claims to have been a close friend of Jimi Hendrix & his ex wife is Asian

    • Nixak
      January 14, 2013

      Nugent’s was a rock guitar player from the 60s & 70s. All rock guitar players of that era were influenced by Hendrix, & would tried to have known him or at least claimed to. And so what his EX-Wife is Asian? None of that proves that he’s not Racist toward Blacks [or Hispanics for that matter], the same way that just because Zimmerman’s mom is from Peru, did NOT stop him from mumbling ‘F-ING Coons’ before Z-man shot Trayvon!
      And if you listen to some Nugent’s biggest hits, many of the lyrics were insulting to women [using the 'B'-word & talked about banging girls, etc].

      I’m not sure if Nugent really believes most of what he says, or is just pr*stituting himself to the FOX Noise / NRA Gun-Lobby because he’s an washed-up ex Rock-star- looking for a ‘new stage’ to sing his ‘new song’!

      • Makeba
        January 14, 2013

        And have you seen that the RE-THUG-LICANS in Congress have some of their members who are threatening to IMPEACH our Pres. if he does do something about guns? They are threatening him with IMPEACHMENT for using his “executive powers” and other silly mess…like stopping them from shutting down the Govt. Yes…they are threatening him !!!! So…for those who want to CRITICIZE OBAMA SO MUCH…. let’s hear the attacks on the GOP clowns for these actions and threats.

  6. Samdromeda
    January 17, 2013

    I think that Ted wants to be mayor of Detroit.

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