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Poll Shows Obama Has Majority Support For Gun Control Measures


Poll Shows Obama Has Majority Support For Gun Control Measures

Republicans have tried to paint President Obama’s proposed gun control measures as an encroachment on the second amendment Barack Obama, but the latest polls reveal that the majority of Americans agree with the Obama administration.

 Gallup poll  found support for universal background checks  at 91 percent, increased spending on mental health programs for young people  at 82 percent, increased training for first responders on how to respond to school attacks at 79 percent, increased penalties for straw purchasers  at 75 percent, spending $4 billion to keep 15,000 police officers on the street at 70 percent and spending $30 million to help schools develop emergency response plans at  69 percent.

In addition, two-thirds of Americans are in favor of banning  armor-piercing bullets, while 60 percent want a reinstatement the assault weapons ban and 54 percent want a ban on ammunition clips holding more than 10 bullets.

Among Republicans, the bans on assault weapons and ammunition clips did not draw majority support. Slightly less than half of Republicans are in favor of a ban on assault rifles.

The majority of Americans also seem to want government to focus on mental health and school safety than on gun control. Sixty-five percent want Obama and Congress to focus more on mental health than gun control.

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  1. Onesilverbac

    January 24, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    A bill will be passed, however it will but be what Obama wants, the man would like to get rid of all guns, never happen!

    What is interesting, people who live in the urban centers have a strong dislike for guns, mainly because their is so much crime in the cities, committed may I add by persons who have
    unregistered guns, by gangs and young people who we claim are mis understood or we don’t have enough for them to do.

    In the rural areas everyone has a gun, when a boy is 14 he may get his 1st gun, strangely they don’t have the same crime per capita.

    Obama and his family will have armed protection for the rest of his life, but you can not protect your self, you lemming, you peon!! You city dwellers, you no knowledge non understanding Obama loving well you get it don’t you!

  2. Samdromeda

    January 24, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    You must admit that the president did wonders for the gun manufacturers. The warehouses are empty of assault rifles. The enrollment for concealed carry classes are up. Gun ranges are packed and the price of ammunition has more than doubled.
    Suppliers cannot keep up with demand from local gun stores for both guns and ammo. We are now as a nation as citizens as described by God to be storing up violence in our houses. Guns, knives,crossbows, slingbows and blowguns are flying off the shelves. Most of those don’t go BOOM or BANG but are just as lethal .

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