Former NBA Player Etan Thomas Writes an Open Letter to Redskins QB: Don’t Destroy Your Body


But Malcolm had been wondering all day why you were even playing after the 2nd quarter. He kept asking from the first snap:

” If RG3 is hurt and playing, couldn’t he get hurt more ?” and “Look at his face daddy, he is in pain why is he still playing if he is in that much pain?”

Malcolm learned a valuable lesson Sunday. In short, quoting Michael Jackson: “They Don’t Really Care About Us”.

As a professional athlete myself, I understand the gladiator mentality. Not to admit nor feel pain. To do whatever it takes to win the game. Images of Ronnie Lott telling the doctors in 1985 to cut off his pinky when it didn’t heal properly so he could go back in the game come to mind.

And I certainly understand the desire to avoid being compared to someone like Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler. You remember, I’m sure: last year he was given the worst label a player could be tagged with after he pulled himself from a playoff game: he was called a quitter


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