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NAACP Backs Physician Challenging Discrimination at U. Kentucky


NAACP Backs Physician Challenging Discrimination at U. Kentucky


Dr. Latchin Hatemi is an intriguing character.  He finished at The University of Kentucky School of Medicine, and was a top student during his time there. But during his years of study, Dr. Hatemi noticed a couple of disturbing trends.  First, it seemed that nearly every black student in his class was either kicked out of the program or held back for poor performance.   He thought that perhaps it was due to chance, a lack of work ethic or poor qualifications, but he eventually concluded that the pattern was indicative of something more sinister.

The second thing Dr. Hatemi says he noticed was that African American medical students seemed to be getting pushed out of the loop altogether, replaced by students from foreign countries.   Although Dr. Hatemi is from Turkey, many of the African American students affected were his friends.   This inspired him to speak up and do something about the perceived disparities.

Dr. Hatemi claims that once he decided to speak up about what he believed to be discrimination, he was labeled as a trouble maker.  He suddenly noticed a decline in his annual reviews and found himself being chastised by those who felt that he needed to keep his mouth shut.  But in spite of the backlash, Dr. Hatemi has continued his fight, even after graduation, challenging the medical school to release records on the numbers of minorities students admitted and retained, especially African Americans.

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Dr. Hatemi says that the university is fighting him every step of the way, refusing to release critical information that would publicize its track record when it comes to African American students.  According to Dr. Hatemi, this is part of the smoking gun which proves that the university has something to hide.  He has gotten the support of the NAACP on the matter, as well as many prominent individuals in the state of Kentucky and across the nation.  He is determined to continue the fight and won’t give up until justice is served.

In a state that has an undenial history of racism and serious problems in the recruitment and retention of minority faculty and students, Dr. Hatemi’s work is fresh air for those who’ve grown weary of seeing themselves excluded from opportunity.

An interview with Dr. Hatemi is below:

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  1. melvetta

    December 26, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    I can believe his story. It’s like people will find a weakness an instead of helping you succeed. They push you out the door. It’s terrible hidden racism. I’m so proud of you Doctor for sticking up for the truth. Also all the money spent and you haven’t completed your education so that you can contribute to society as a successful contribute to the world. It is so terrible that a lot of promising individuals get shoved out the door an until people face consequences for these behaviors it will continue.

  2. coast cooker

    January 11, 2013 at 10:10 am

    I’m not surprised.You can play ball but you can’t become a doctor..

  3. Diana Nowitzky

    February 25, 2013 at 11:03 am

    @Cyd Webster Beacham even though you may have been to Turkey and somehow know that they as a whole society consider themselves “white”, I commented to bring attention to the fact that in your language of your first comment it seems to me you are reducing a culture to a tint by referring to Dr. Lachin Hatemi as “just some white person”. Yes cultures all over the world call themselves that or light skinned, olive complexion, brown, a shade of black or hue of orange. @ Cheri Thomas, it turns out I was a Census Enumerator in Brooklyn and most people have different views of these categories. Many Mexican communities consider themselves “White” and Hasidic Jewish families considered themselves “Jewish” as a race even though they may have fair skin while other Hasidic families with darker skin and a seeming of a mixed Arabic ethnicity appearance might categorize themselves as White. It bothers me that in many job applications today a White persons or Black persons heritage is lost in that word. What of an Irish, Jamaican, Russian, Haitian, Scandinavian, Puerto Rican descended human? Is that simply White if the genes say so? A huge clump of many continents & history is simply “just some white lady” because of looks? This is so interesting to me and in conclusion great article & great comments fellow readers!

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