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Mother of Sandy Hook Shooter Was Survivalist Who Thought End of Civilization Was Coming


Mother of Sandy Hook Shooter Was Survivalist Who Thought End of Civilization Was Coming

The mother of the Sandy Hook shooter who slaughtered 26 children and staff reportedly had paranoia issues of her own, according to news reports.

Nancy Lanza, mother of the Adam Lanza, 20, was, according to friends, a paranoid survivalist who believed that the world was on the verge of economic collapse. She was what people call a “prepper”, a person who is preparing for the end of civilized society.

She reportedly became obsessed with guns and taught both her sons – Ryan and Adam – how to shoot. Adam used the knowledge his mother had given him to kill her along with those he murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Adam Lanza shot his mother four times in the head, then went onto Sandy Hook Elementary to continue his massacre.

In addition to firearms preparation, Nancy Lanza was also stockpiling food and water. Lanza’s aunt, Marsha, said Nancy Lanza spoke with her  quite often about how she was preparing for the coming economic meltdown.

‘She told me she liked the single-mindedness of shooting,’ said Dan Holmes, who cared for Lanza’s garden.

‘I would ring the bell on the front door and she would come out the side and meet me,’ he said. ‘It was a little weird. It’s stranger now thinking back on what happened.’

Adam Lanza was described as a bright but troubled young man. His father is an executive for the financial firm Ernst & Young.

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  1. Nixak

    December 18, 2012 at 1:12 am

    So this woman from a lily white affluent back-ground [her ex- is a Earnst & Young exec], small tight-knit community in Conn w a low crime-rate- was a so-called survivalist. But then there are 400 gun-dealers & 40 shooting ranges near Newtown area including the offices of the 2nd biggest US gun-lobby besides the NRA. Thus apparently not all white ‘survivalists’ live in the wide open sparsely populated spaces of West & South-West USA [IE: AZ, UT, MT, WY, ID]. And her brother reportedly is a NH cop.
    So she stocked-up on food & water & provisions in case of disaster [which I’ve got no problems w that] BUT- Also at-least 6 GUNS- including at-least 3 semi-automatics- including an M-16 military type assault rifle [the main slaughter weapon used], as she prepped for {?race?}WAR! And she taught her 2 young sons, including one that obviously was mentally unstable, how to shoot w deadly accuracy & efficiency!
    Apparently she also home-schooled her 2 ‘smart’ young white kids, about the ‘impending’ {?racial?}Cataclysmic Doom of their World{order}. End results- her mentally unstable son apparently took her fear-mongering to heart – taking 3 of her own guns & used one to kill his own mom w, & then went to the nearest symbol of [‘socialist’ take-over] of their society, the nearby school-house, & blew away 20 little school-kids & 6 women teachers- before he blew his own brains out!

    This almost [but not quite] makes the Belcher murder-suicide tragedy seem sane by comparison- Which of-course no-one in the lame-stream is even talking about any-more- especially in memorial of the Black murdered mom- Kassandra Perkins.

    • Nixak

      December 18, 2012 at 2:08 am

      My prediction of what going to be the outcome of this Tragedy [Hint-Expect the Same Ole SOS 3Xs warmed-over status-quo]. You can call me cynical – but I’m just calling it the way I see it.

      The country is going get drunk on / for / with X-Mas & New-Years cheers. Then come the MLK holiday & afterwards Obama re-inauguration. By that time it’ll be the end of Jan / the beginning of Feb. By that time except for those personally affected by this tragedy, most folks current passion & anger about it will have more-or-less dissipated.
      So even if Obama, Cali Sen Feinstein, NYC Mayor Bloomberg are actually serious about addressing the issue, [IMO a mighty BIG IF], the pro-gun lobby poly-tricksters [both Repug & DIM] will filibuster any effective law that could actually be effective. Depending on how much lingering public out-rage there may be in early 2013, they might let some ‘symbolic’ law pass w enough loop-holes in it to drive another mass-shooting funeral procession thru, And then w much fanfare declare that they;ve really address the problem….

      IMO: This unfortunate tragedy is a case of ‘what goes around comes around’ – when in the post 9-11 [‘New Pearl-Harbor’ Event] World- you fear-monger on & on & on about the so-called ‘War on Terror’. And in the name of fighting {Islamic}terrorism, you stage multiple [phony] Terror entrapment plots. And LIE about Saddam’s [phantom] WMDs ties to Al-Qaeda on 9-11, to justify invading Iraq which killed how many [‘I think the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it’ – Ex-Clinton Sec of State Madame Albright]??? And just how-many 100s – 1000s – 10,000s of women & children in Af-Pak, Somalia, Yemen, Libya [‘I Came, I Saw, He Died- Ha, ha, ha,’- Obama’s Sec of State- Billary Clinton], etc- have been killed by smart-bomb & Drones- remote-controlled by some nerdy-techie guy 8000 miles away in the safety of a remote bunker.
      And remember that Wiki-leaks video [‘Collateral Murder’]- showed those ‘America’s Finests in red-White-&-blue’ flying above in a Black-Hawk helicopter gun-ship & laughing as they blew-away that Iraqi father in front of his 2 kids [& shot & wounded them too] – while saying ‘That F-ING Hajji bas-tArd should of known better than to bring his kids into a battle’.

      So Have ‘America’s Chicken come home to roost’- by the hand of its own {white]Sons??? PS: A lot of war-vets are/will be getting-out over the next few years- mentally messed-up, angry, locked & loaded, & fully trained to kill!!!

  2. Derrick

    December 18, 2012 at 6:18 am

    This is deeper than y’all expect! The father had a suit against the government! The same thang with that crazy cracker, who shot up the movie theater, in Colorado! These rich white boy’s were pawns!!!

    I’m tired of hearing this “gun kill people bullshyt”, also; people KILL people with their guns!!! This dude’s mammy was crazy too, but she was killed indirectly by her son via the government. Also, this boy was retaliating against his mother. I feel he was rebelling against the caucasoid status quo because he knew how caucasoids really felt about Black people.

    He shot up the school because he knew the teachings (white supremacy), they were being TRAINED to beLIEve were LIES! The majority of those lily white people in that town HATED Black people, and he turned his frustrations out on his mammy, the teachers, the students, and the principle.

    There was one young Black 6 year old girl that was killed. She was the daughter of a jazz sax player by the name of Jimmy Greene. The media very seldom shows her picture!!! They show all the caucasoid kids, except for hers!!! I WONDER WHY?

    The mammy is responsible just, as much as, the boy. These caucasoids ALWAYS blame Black parents, when one of their children shoot themselves; therefore, this caucasoid mammy is RESPONSIBILE for teaching her retarded son, how to shoot a gun!

    ALL of these caucasoid mass murderers are ALWAYS on drugs when they commit these crimes!

    By the way…how come there were no people injured, and why did the pigs wait so long to call the parents? They were notified hours AFTER the killings, and why was no “yellow tape” around the building after all those deaths. SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT…COVER UP, PERHAPS? ALL THOSE ABULANCES, AND NOBODY FOUND INJURED?



  3. truthbeliever

    December 18, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    Derrick, take a breather for crying out loud. Do you suppose every issue every day is about racism? Do you suppose the shooter killed 24 white people to get to the one little Black girl? You talk about crazy white people, but honestly, I’d be more afraid to meet you in the street.

    • Derrick

      December 18, 2012 at 3:44 pm

      You dumb jackazz cracker, nowhere did I say this crazy terrorist killed 24 caucasoids, just to kill her!

      You godda*mn crackers ALWAYS make up shyt with your lying azzes. READ THE godda*mn article again, stupid cracker!!!

      MY COMMENT: “There was one young Black 6 year old girl that was killed. She was the daughter of a jazz sax player by the name of Jimmy Greene. The media very seldom shows her picture!!! They show all the caucasoid kids, except for hers!!! I WONDER WHY?”


      You beLIEve in lies!!!

  4. Ms. Miller

    December 18, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    Although this tragedy happened in a mostly White suburb…I don’t think it was based upon racism. There is a pattern of young White men doing these killings…in suburbs…consider: COLUMBINE, VIRGINIA TECH…and even the SIKH TEMPLE.

    The latest reports about the shooter kid Adam who did the shooting was that a friend of the family claims that this Mama was going to get her son Adam some psychiatric help…put him in a place. She had been telling people “don’t turn your back on Adam…” WHY? Did she know he had big time anger problems…or what? And then the young man got really ticked at his mama. They found his computers all smashed up.

    His neighbors also said he liked to play a lot of violent video games. So who knows how much his mind was warped by that.

    I have not heard a thing about any lawsuits against the Gov’t. — so I cannot mention that. But clearly a lot of folks said that this shooter was “weird” all thru school.

    • Derrick

      December 19, 2012 at 9:39 am

      No where in my comments did I say this was racially motivated. Only caucasoids are racist; therefore, how could this be a racist incident?

      These dumb azz caucasoids have gone crazy using this word ‘racism’ because it is their word, which means to MINIMIZE THE AFFECTS OF RACISM!

      This crazy cracker killed his OWN people, and one Black beautiful 6 year old angel; therefore, THIS IS NOT A RACIAL MATTER!

      My point was: This ‘racist’ media is not showing this little Black angel’s picture like they are showing the other kids that were killed!!!


      racists = individuals, groups and populations, who believe in and practice white supremacy and racial domination

      racism = the belief in and practice of racial domination, discrimination, degradation and oppression.

      The True TRUTHSEEKER has spoken!!!

  5. Ms. Miller

    December 19, 2012 at 10:18 am

    I was not directing my comments solely toward your comments, Derrick…or accusing you of anything. You do comment about “race” and “white crackers” a lot on your posts, and you are entitled to your opinion. You do mention the issue of race a lot…and you claim that white folks are at fault for many problems…simply because they are “white demons.” That has been you line of talk.

    There have been lots of people offering their explanations for these crazy mass shootings…and most of the claims don’t even mention that the shooter had mental problems. Some have blamed Pres. Obama for every problem on Earth…including these shotters.T

    hey blame “lack of religion in schools” and …they blame the “liberat teachers unions”….they blame “the white devils” — and on and on.

    I just don’t think this problem is that simple…or that it is caused by “white folks” or “God not in the schools”…or “the teachers unions” — or similar comments that have been made in the news, on FOX NEWS, etc.

    The young man who killed those kids had some kind of mental problem. His mother was going to put him away…or in some therapy place. He got mad about it. That is what we know from the investigators now.

    • Derrick

      December 20, 2012 at 5:37 am

      I just get tired of people ‘thinking’ that these caucasoids are so ‘god-like’ and xtians when they are the very people, with ALL these assault weapons, who kill INNOCENT people!!!

      Take a look at the pigs, who murder Black people every 36 hours! Look at all these crackers, who are killing their Black employees, who just so happen to be Black men! Look at these caucasoid pigs, who get away with murdering our children! Remember the fbi agent, who shot an INNOCENT 7 year old girl in the head in Detroit years ago? That pig didn’t serve ONE DAY IN JAIL!!! A 92 year old INNOCENT Black woman was shot down by racist pigs in Atlanta 4 or 5 years ago. THEY HAD THE WRONG HOUSE!!! No justice was served for her family!!!

      The news NEVER mentioned the old white boy, who lived in Indiana, and said he was gonna go shoot up a school! This was said, the same day this massacre occurred by this retarded terrorist.

      This old 60 years old white boy had 47 guns and $100,000 worth of ammunition in his home!!! He is in jail, but how come this did not make LOCAL, NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL news? These caucasoids have gone crazy ever since O’Drama won his second term, and it’s gonna get worse.

      The boy had been on prescription drugs since he was 5 years young. He had problems in school, and this is why his mammy taught him at home…she knew he was crazy!!!

      You know the media does not want to mention his drug addiction because he’s a caucasoid. The mother also told her baby-sitter, NOT TO TURN HER BACK ON HIM when she was over to baby-sit him!!! WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT HIS DEMEANOR?

      Also, this is deeper than y’all think it is. I believe this was a government ‘hit’ to put this gun law into the books. These caucasoids will kill 20 of their own to get to 20,000.

      Remember, the government killed Ron Brown, who was a former employee for Billyboy Clinton. He was found with a bullet wound in his head; therefore the government faked the plane crash, while other caucasoid people died!!! They killed their OWN to kill this intelligent Black brother!!! He was a threat to Billyboy!!!

      This crazy cracker killed his mother because she was the ‘fall guy’. If she would’ve have lived, she would’ve been arrested for not locking up those weapons; therefore, the government had her killed (through her son) because they didn’t want NO EVIDENCE!!! ALL serial killers are caught, while on drugs, i.e. Tim McVeigh, Jim Jones, the boy from Colorado, that shot up the movie theater was on drugs!!! The government is behind this…believe me!

      Everything is racial when it comes to Black people. Remember the two Black men, who were shooting up people from the trunk of their car? These gentlemen were NEVER diagnosed with mental problems, even tho they were mass killers!!! Why do caucasoid killers ALWAYS have an excuse (by the government) when they murder 100’s of people? ….RACISM!!!

      It was later reported that the young killer, who is in jail for those D.C. killings was molested by the older man!!! He had mental problems, and was USED by the older gentlemen to carryout these killings!!! When our people commit crimes, they’re never labeled as having problems!!!


  6. Ms. Miller

    December 20, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    @Derrick… Once again… you are saying things that are not true. There was a lot of news about that nutcase in Indiana who had all the guns. I sent a link to some friends about it. And there have been other news reports about Jordan Davis…and the murders in Chicago…and many other mass killings. Maybe it is not worded the way you think it should be…but they have to do it the way that meets their news outlet’s “journalistic standards.”

    I don’t buy all the nonsense about the cause of these killings is — “lack of God in the schools”— or “teachers without guts…” — or Gay people…or anything coming from the rightwing nuts like LIMBAUGH and HUCKABEE…or GLENN BECK.

    The one thing that has not been in the news…or any place that I have seen is all this about a “Gov’t hit” — re: Newtown massacre of the kids. Just because one other incident is suspicious does not mean that another is.

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