Awkward: Barbara Walters Asks The Obamas How They 'Keep the Fire Going' | Kulture Kritic
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Awkward: Barbara Walters Asks The Obamas How They ‘Keep the Fire Going’


Awkward: Barbara Walters Asks The Obamas How They ‘Keep the Fire Going’

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock all your life, you know that Barbara Walters is all fluff and no substance. So nobody expects her Obamas and barbara waltersto ask tough questions, but we don’t expect her to make us all cringe. And that’s what the 83 year old journalist did when she asked the president and first lady how they keep the love fire burning.

It was an extremely awkward moment, not just because of the great grandmotherly energy that Walters brings, but also because it felt borderline inappropriate.

“We’ve been married now 20 years, and like every marriage, I think you have your ups and your downs,” the president said after an short laugh. “But if you work through the tough times, the respect and love that you feel deepens.”

There is also, according to FLOTUS, “a lot of laughter” involved.

Listen, nobody wants to talk to Barbara Walters about their s*x life. I’d venture a bet that even her own kid doesn’t do that, so that question just gives you chills. Maybe if Oprah had asked it, it would’ve been more palatable, but not coming from Barbara. That made the whole exchange strained and super awkward.

But there’s another issue as well. Even though many people view President Obama as more of a rock star than president, I’m not sure many people want to know how Barack and Michelle are getting their fre*k on. They look happy together, and we love that. But we don’t really need to know any more than that, Barbara. Goodness.

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1 Comment

  1. Ms. Miller

    December 28, 2012 at 9:59 am

    “Love fire” is OK to talk about…but getting into people’s bedrooms and asking about their sex is over the line in this case. I don’t even ask my best friends about all that.

    But in the interview… I liked the reason Pres. Obama gave for Michelle NOT going into politics… He said, “She does not have the patience…could not hold her tongue.”

    I understand and that is the same reason I would not go into politics. But I like it when Obama or Pelosi slam the Tea-Publicans… and keep hoping the Pres. Obama or somebody would let loose on the rightwing nuts often.

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