Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx Don’t See Eye-to-Eye on Sandy Hook


Some are openly speculating as to whether or not there will be a backlash to the release of the new film, “Django Unchained” as a result of the recent killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  One reason that some think there could be a negative public reaction is because one of the film’s stars, Samuel L. Jackson, feels that gun control is not necessary, in spite of what happened to those kids.

“I don’t think it’s about more gun control,” Jackson said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “I grew up in the South with guns everywhere and we never shot anyone. This [shooting] is about people who aren’t taught the value of life.”

Jackson seems to believe that with good parents teaching their kids not to go out and kill people, it doesn’t matter if there are assault weapons available on on living room mantle.  Jackson’s assertion that no one was killed in the south during his day is contradicted by the reputation of the south as a place where black people were killed on a regular basis.  Also, the weapons of today are not the weapons of yesterday:  Jackson’s not a young man.

Jackson stars in the new film, “Django Unchained,” alongside Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx.   The film has already received five Golden Globe nominations, but Jackson’s words could cause controversy in a country that is growing sick of gun violence.

The film’s studio, The Weinstein Company, released this statement after canceling the premier right after the Connecticut shootings:

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the tragedy in Newtown, CT and in this time of national mourning we have decided to forgo our scheduled event,” a spokesperson for The Weinstein Company said in a statement. ”However, we will be holding a private screening for the cast and crew and their friends and families.”

Jamie Foxx doesn’t agree with Jackson at all and says that we have a responsibility to address such matters as a society.

“We cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything that we do doesn’t have a sort of influence,” Foxx said to the Associated Press. “It does.”


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  1. Actually, Jackson and Foxx both have good points. Back in the day when Jackson was growing up…it was not as crazy and violent…more parents where at home raising kids….etc. On TV…the most violence was in the cowboy movies and a few cartoons. But it was not as bloody and gory as it is nowadays. There was a lot less violence in all areas. But the situation as changed so much !!!

    Foxx is right…the movies, video games, etc. are much more violent…there is a focus on shooting and killing that almost “glorifies” violence.

    Did you hear that clown from the NRA today? He gave a “press conference” and said he basically said he sees no problem with guns. In fact, he blamed everything else — the media, videos, and on and on. He wants to put armed guards in all the schools. The whole speech sounded like an INFOMERCIAL to sell more guns.

    Did you hear that clown from the NRA today? He gave a “press conference” and said he basically said he sees no problem with guns. In fact, he blamed everything else — the media, videos, and on and on. He wants to put armed guards in all the schools. The whole speech sounded like an INFOMERCIAL to sell more guns.Did you hear that clown from the NRA today? He gave a “press conference” and said he basically said he sees no problem with guns. In fact, he blamed everything else — the media, videos, and on and on. He wants to put armed guards in all the schools. The whole speech sounded like an INFOMERCIAL to sell more guns.

  2. I think its a combination of mental help, showing your children a little more attention and maybe regulating weapons a little more. Sometimes as parents we feel as long as we are providing or putting a roof over their head then they are good but its more than that.

  3. Like I said in another post; this killing was a government ‘hit’!!!

    They (government) were behind this massacre because they want MORE guns in schools!!! The bottom line is this; when these teachers start ‘packin’ guns in school, it’s gonna be a lot of killings of YOUNG BLACK MEN!!!

    This is a plan, but y’all, can’t see through this bullshyt. This terrorist’s, mammy was the ‘fall guy’ because she would be in jail RIGHT NOW, if she was alive by leaving those assault weapons unlocked!!!

    When you have teachers, in school ‘packin’, that means more guns will be sold, which means more money for the NRA! Wake up folks, this was a planned massacre! These caucasoids will kill their own, to kill MORE Black people, especially male students.

    I GUARANTEE YOU, a Black young male will be the first person shot in school for being ‘unruly’. These caucasoid female teachers, claim they are scared of our children, and they are gonna use this ‘stand your ground law’ (which protects them) from killing innocent Black people.

    Three or four cities have passed a law for teachers to carry guns at school in their class!!!

    A beautiful Black 6 year old angel was killed in that massacre!!! The racist media seldom gave her air time like they did the dead caucasoid students.


  4. The U.S. is has taken GUNS to a level never before seen in history. Violence has become “exotic and even erotic” to some people. The NRA is just as much to blame as the movies and video games. But most people are not on the side of the nonsense that came from the NRA about putting armed guards at the schools. First of all… ARMED GUARDS DON’T STOP MUCH…some of these schools…like COLUMBINE and VIRGINIA TECH. did have armed guards and they still got shot up. Banks have big time armed guards and they get robbed everyday.

    And…NO…that situation in Newtown where the children were slaughtered was not a “Government hit” for the purpose of putting more guns in the schools. What proof is there of any of that in the face of ALL THE THOUSANDS OF INCIDENTS OF SHOOTINGS EVERYDAY? There have been hundreds more shootings since last week when the kids were killed. And on the day that the clown from the NRA gave his silly proposal there was a murder.



  5. Delwyn Xavier Campbell

    Which can we do more quickly, increase security through the deployment of armed response forces at the district level and security personnel at the site level, or confiscating all the weapons currently legally owned? One would only require a build up of police forces at the local level, wile the other would require a huge logistical effort at the national level. Seems simple and straight forward to me. By the way, I don’t think that teachers should double as security forces in this country, because the typical teacher does not have the skill sets for it, and they have enough on their plates with trying to teach a classroom. Until they can consistantly perform that task I see no point in adding to their tasks.

  6. Wow, what country are some of you refering too? Because the United States of Amerikkka has always been a bloody murderous country. The delusional fantasy that we are living in a more violent time now never fails to crack me up. I guess murder is okay when it’s taming the Wild West, Slavery, Jim Crow, French-Indian War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Veitnam, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, the War on Drugs, The Cold War. But of course as long as it’s the poor, indigenous, brown black and yellow skinned people doing the dying it doesn’t get added to the Body Count. Face some facts and grow up. We lost 600,000 men during the Civil War. That’s just the people who were in the Union or the Confederate. That doesn’t include all the Slaves and Freedom Riders who also fought. If you try and take or register guns away from your typical American they will make that look like a day at the beach. There are already Laws on the books about people who are clinically diagnosed with sociopathic behaviour not being able to purchase weapons. Problem is there is no agency willing to take up the extra cost of tracking those people or enforcing it. So who among you is willing to pay for a group of fat azz cops to sit around tracking people over something they MIGHT do as opposed to getting that real life rapist living down the street from you? Also what Law are you going to come up with that will stop some fool from stealing someone’s legally purchased weapon who went through every hurdle you can come up with if they decide to go on a killing spree? As scary as some of you are, you need to grow up. The only solution to stop this is to ban all weapons except for Police and Military usage. But that is impossible in this country. For those of you who want to use Australia and say they did it. Australia only has about 22 million people on the same land mass as America. 22 million is a little over half of the Black people in this country. You might get away with gun comfiscation with so-called minorities but you are insane in the membrane if you think Bubba Redneck is giving up his guns. Try rounding up over 300 million guns from people who don’t want to give them up and see how far you get? Not to mention everytime you bring this up, every last one of you has a father, uncle, brother or cousin who owns a gun and goes hunting or has been in a situation where a gun saved their life and you give them a pass on owning one. Because as we all know your family member is immune from someone stealing their weapon. You will never get rid of guns in America. So this will continue to happen. Ban extra rounds in clips? So what, buy extra clips. Ban assault rifles? So what, most of them are semi-automatic anyway. There is only one solution and you don’t have the means, know how, capability or a pair to take away guns from people. So grow up and watch your back and don’t get caught slipping. Best new thing to come out of this situation; a new phrase to describe I’m too stupid to know how to fix this or I’m impotent….. also known as “Let’s have a conversation?” What the heck is talking about something going to fix when you can’t do anything about it?

  7. while gun control is a factor in these killings that many harp upon, what many ought to be focused more upon is the Psychotropic drugs that this Lanza had to be on since he had personality disorders. Many are not aware that these drugs can carry across some side effects like suicidal idiation and homocidal rages among other negative actions that impact ones judgement. People on such medication are most vulnerable in the beginning and when coming off such drugs. Also some patients may be inconsistent in taking the drugs which activates the aforementioned urges. Psychiatrists can sometimes be negligent in their care of those with mental illness. Finally, there is a common thread in all these shootings where the killers were on and off these psychotropic drugs.

  8. All of these issues should be addressed…and have been long neglected. But nothing that the man from the NRA said impressed me…and I don’t think TEACHERS should be asked to be “prison guards” or any other type of “armed guards.”

    The problem is NOT just in the schools. Gun violence is now everywhere…in the theatres, the malls, on country roads, the colleges, in hotels…and the list goes on.

    I am for getting the ASSAULT RIFLES and any other military-type guns, magazine clips, etc. — off the streets…making them illegal for private citizens to buy. What do they need such heavy duty weapons for anyway? ONLY TO KILL.

    It has been a long time problem…historical…just like the VIOLENCE of this nation. In fact, the U.S. started out in a lot of violence…killing off Indians and enslaving Black folks. So — we should not be shocked at all of the cruelty, gun killings, abuse, etc. that are happening NOWADAYS.

    Check out this video no America’s VIOLENT TRADITION:


    Maybe if they had focused on funding HEAD START and many other educational programs, counseling, helping to train our youth, and other services — we would not see such an increase in these murders.

  9. Both men have valid points. Stricter gun laws will not replace the values and responsibilities that should be taught and exampled by parents especially but society definitely. We need to raise our own children instead of waiting on laws and government to save us
    What Samuel Jackson was saying is that he grew up in a time when guns were openly in the house and the teaching of the value of life kept these kinds of tragedies from bein common if at all. Don’t lump everything into a specific conversation to manipulate your opinion…not a good look

  10. I’ll support the disarmament of citizens when the entire police force only uses stun guns. Period. Not being able to defend yourself and loved ones is a crime you commit against your family.

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