Hip-Hop Supercoon of the Week: Trinidad James “All Gold Everything”


Just when you think that black people can’t be fed a lower form of coonery, you see something that just takes it to another level.  A new rapper, Trinidad James, has given 2Chainz a run for his money with his new song “All Gold Everything.”  The video features the best of modern day buffoonery, giving the viewer a view of the dirtiest, most raggedy forms of hood life in America.  The video is full of guns,  weed, and all the other things that so many young black men use to kill themselves and each other.

Even more telling is that there are little children in the video seen directly emulating the older men around them.  This is the psychological killing field, where future Barack Obamas are destroyed and turned into ignorant zombies on the count down to spiritual and physical death.  We look forward to seeing BET do its part to make sure that all black boys are infected.

Check out the video here, you’ll get a kick out it. 

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  1. When you think about the affect this music will have on young children, God help us.

  2. People, I believe this is a comedy skit

  3. This dude need to shot in the temple for this ignorant nonsense.

  4. Even if it is supposed to be satire it isn’t funny.

  5. Wow,steppin fetch it at his finest,SMDH

  6. This is not a skit folks, and even if it was, its still not blank blanking funny at all

  7. I agree. There is nothing about this that is funny. This man knows how the images he portrays is being perceived by the public. (read: White people.) While I’m not one to cater to white people, we all still have to deal with them and their pettiness. Videos like this help no one. Including him. And frankly, that “gold” looked about as real as Micheal Jackson’s white skin.

  8. Sadly, there will be those who defend this bufoonary and look at it as entertainment.

  9. Such Niggativity SMH

  10. This made me mouth puke a little bit!

  11. Wow this made me mouth puke a little bit!!!!

  12. I think I mouth puked too….I try hard and work hard to keep my children out of neighborhoods that have a liquor store on both corners, kids and young men hanging out all night in front of your apartment entrances, sounds of gun shots and sirens. As stereotypical as it might sounds, I want to give my children a better opportunity. It starts at home whether a father is present or not. If in our minds we believe that this type of behavior (showed in the video) is funny and acceptable then we are leading our children in the wrong direction. It is our duty not only as parents but as a community to teach and lead by example. And if television, radio, clubs or any types of entertainment or events utilize their stage to promote positiveness, then what else will there be to stimulate the minds of these young people to see negativity and humiliation as “the in thing”. But money is what drives us to look past the affects.

  13. WOW who is this character? Never even heard of dude. Man do I miss real MC’s Rakim, EPMD, just to name a few. Need to pop in a cassettes & take NOTES! LOL

  14. These dumb coonheads love to give cracker’s their money!!! I ain’t never in my life seen a bunch of stupid, dumb, ignorant, sorry azz negroids like these 2012 new age slaves!!!

    Sc(rappers) and hip shakers are nothing, but pawns, punks, and peasants, who tap dance for their massa just to wear gold, drive a nice ride, and live [rent] a mansion. Some of these idiots don’t even own those mansions they are in on tell-a-LIE-vision….they are renting them!!!

    The coonery and buffoonery continues…

  15. he’s not black american anyway this nigga an imposter like that trinidadian Nicky Minaj they should colaborate they love imitating “sterotypes” about black people in this country they should take they ass back where dai cum frum!! (*i*)

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