Chad Johnson Cries About Losing Everything: Should We Feel Sorry for Him?

Every week, there appears to be some athlete who was once on top of the world, who then finds out about the long ride to the bottom.  The latest is Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, who recently appeared on “Inside the NFL” flooding the stage with tears from a regretful life.   After losing his wife Evelyn Lozada, Chad was cut from the Miami Dolphins.  Being released from your NFL team can lead to a long series of financial challenges, and Chad is dealing with all of them.

During an interview with James Brown and Chris Collinsworth, Johnson said this:

“When you get a humble Chad Johnson that has lost everything and has to work his way back up, that’s a big deal,” admitted Johnson. “Because you’re not getting that same individual, you’re not getting that same fun guy….  I gotta prove a point. That’s the scariest thing in the world to have someone that has that drive.”

Chad talks also about his wife Evelyn and the anger management classes that he’s being forced to take.  But given that his wife was also world famous for attacking women too, it seems that she might also want to sit in on those classes.  But in spite of the back-and-forth that has ensued since his 41-day marriage came to an end, Chad is trying to be remorseful, respectful and reflective.

“Being married, being a husband, being a lover, was an honor.  And I lost that. And you know that saying … ‘You never know what you have until it’s gone.’ And now I finally know what they mean. I lost two of the things that really meant the most to me. That someone completed my world, completed me, period. But I just hadn’t made that transition to where I needed to be the best man that I could, or best husband that I could. I didn’t make it all the way, fully.”

So, it appears that Johnson is remorseful for his mistakes, but should we feel sorry for him?  Did anyone try to warn Chad that his choices might lead to his demise back when he was raising hell, wearing a flashy gold grill and running his mouth during every interview?  Chad spent more than a decade in the NFL priding himself in being one of the greatest minstrel shows in the league.  Do a few tears make him redeemable?

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  1. In a weird way, I do feel sorry for him because he’s lost his wfe and his livilihood in one fell swoop. If you don’t have a good spiritual foundation or family/friend foundation, your life can unravel quickly without the thing that you put so much (maybe too much) faith in. Normally I don’t hold much sympathy for woman beaters, but he seems genuinely apologetic unlike some over people who should remain nameless. *koff*ChrisBrown*koff*

  2. Pride goes before a fall. Truth never lies and Chad won’t be the last unfortunately to be humbled by truth. I won’t feel sorry but I do hope something will be learned. I”ll feel sorry if something wasn’t.

  3. He’s had waaaayyyyy too many chances. Maybe now when he’s eating that big humble pie for the rest of his life he’ll take what he has learned and educate the next man that the world doesn’t revolve around you. He’ll write a book and maybe get a chance at another reality show about himself starting over,so their’s nothing to feel sorry about. The only sad part is that Chad is not the first nor will he be the last.

  4. I feel ya Chad. We all make mistakes sometimes more than 1, I have hit rock bottom as well, but just a different format from yours. My life was and continue to be destroyed illegally by the Orange County (Calif) Sheriffs Dept and do not have the funds to obtained Attorney services. God Bless you my Brother

  5. Favor only comes from God with Obedience! No I do not feel sorry for him. No one felt sorry for me and the other billions of people who caused wrong doing with in thier lives. He too will have to go to the alter, lay it down and leave it there and ONLY GOd will put him back on the ground he is use to living. Just don’t play with God Chad! This is your season to think and ponder all you done wrong. Time heals all wounds. Learn from your lesson. Does anyone feel sorry for guy who played the jokerat the Batman movie in Colorado? Wrong is wrong reardless of the level of what ever it is one does wrong! We can’t blame satan for everything that occurs! Especially when we are to be living with a Mind of God!

  6. Yes i do…u cannot tell me Evelyn did not put her hands on him first i would be willing to bet my last dollar on it she DO NOT seem like the type who would just willing let a man whoop her a## AND to marry him? Hell no im not biting for AND she KNEW how he was before she jumped head first in what she thought all of that was going to change with a ring and piece of paper? U cant make someone change HE/SHE have to want to change she fidnt have to take it here i feel like shes just being the messy invidual she seems to be and Chad should have none better period all the way across the bored…

  7. LOLOLOL…LOLOLOL!!! Read between the laughs!


  9. He was stupid 2marry her & she was stupid 2marry him!!! She didn’t trust him in the begining. She saw her child support check 4 her daughter was about 2end so she was going 2 try 2have kids (twins) b4 he got away. Her friend Jen told her that he was a HO. She should have known, no she knew what she was gettn. No, I don’t feel sorry 4him, I feel sorry 4 his other kids. I hope his close friends be there 4him cause this is soooo serious.

  10. Marcella Onamission

    I think it was all a publicity stunt for Evelyn! She wanted the spotlight and she got it! If she was really in love with Chad, wanted the marriage, and meant her vows, then why didn’t she take steps to work out the marriage instead of hauling her ass off to divorce court. Domestic Violence is never ok but what happened to giving him stipulations of counseling and show improve efore she divorced him? IJS

  11. The Black Pill Bro. L. L. Hill

    After reading the post here I just hope that most of them aren’t from Black people. It is sad that we have so many anti Black race self hating people in our ethnic group. I am not sad for the young brother I am sad for our inability to have the compassion needed to create the collective resources to operate our own football league.

    • That’s the final come down, right there! We need to focus on our OWN instead, of doing the monkey for the honkey; then perhaps we could teaqch these lost brothers, on how to handle THEIR OWN MONEY instead of leaving it, in the hands of foreigners and strangers, who are riping them off!!! Along with these money hungry fe-male leeches!



  13. This man in an example of wasted potential. He is done, period.

  14. The question is should we feel sorry for him? Not no, but hell no. Make better choices chad.

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