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Medicare Killer Paul Ryan Received Social Security Benefits After His Father’s Death


Medicare Killer Paul Ryan Received Social Security Benefits After His Father’s Death

One little known fact about Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is that he is a fan and beneficiary of the same social security program that he has been working to cut.  Ryan’s father died when he was just 16 – years old, leading Paul to be able to collect his father’s social security benefits.

Ryan collected the benefits up until the age of 18 and used some of the money to pay for college at Miami University.  Ryan later graduated from the school with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science in 1992.

Ryan has long been accused of trying to kill Social Security and Medicare.  His position as chair of the House Budget Committee has been his primary platform to introduce reforms that frighten millions of the nation’s seniors and impoverished.   Ryan has proposed getting rid of the guaranteed benefits of Medicare and instead giving vouchers to those who need them in order to pay for medical insurance.

The plan is considered risky for seniors, since the cost of healthcare could very easily outpace the rise in the value of the vouchers.   Ryan also wants to privatize social security as well.

“Individuals own their own retirement accounts that are invested in markets and stock and bond indexes and things like that,” Ryan said when describing his plan. “The system is off the hook to pay you that part of your benefit from those dollars, because you’re going to get that benefit out of your personal retirement account. Because the system’s off the hook to pay you that benefit, the system reduces its expenditures by that amount, that helps bring the system into solvency.”

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Others are skeptical of the Republican selection of Ryan as their vice presidential candidate.  The Democrats are locked and loaded in their opposition to Ryan.  This is especially true in states like Florida, where the senior citizen population is very strong and vocal.

“Paul Ryan wants to privatize Social Security. Looking forward to welcoming Mitt and his pick to Florida,” U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, a Boca Raton Democrat, tweeted. “There’s nothing brave about cutting the programs that America’s seniors rely on for their health and financial security.”

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  1. Richard Kissinger

    August 14, 2012 at 8:34 am

    Who does he think paid into S.S. all the years they worked and now they spent the money and don’t want to let us have what we should be getting after our working years have passed.

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