Big Business? Gay Marriage Brings a Quarter Billion Dollars Into NYC

Gay marriage not only benefits the gay community when they  get married, it also benefits everyone else offering the service. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn said that New York City alone received $259 million dollars of economic benefits from same-sex marriages this year. This is the first year that same-sex marriage has been legal in New York State.

In an NYC& Co. survey, New York City’s marketing and tourism office and the city clerk’s office have collected interesting new information on the benefits that the city receives from allowing gay Americans to walk down the aisle. More than 10 percent of wedding licenses issued in New York City this past year were issued to homosexuals. In that first year, more than 8,200 gay couples were married.

Mayor Bloomberg happily welcomes gay marriage, as well as the recent growth in New York City’s economy. Bloomberg says, “Marriage equality has made our city more open, inclusive and free –- and it has also helped to create jobs and support our economy.”


  1. Just plain sick! This country is turning into the biblical country of the bible, that was destroyed.

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