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The Presidency is a War of Money


The Presidency is a War of Money

This article by Cord Jefferson at BET explains how the presidential election is a war of money and that President Obama may not be on the winning side.  He mentions that while Republicans are locked and loaded financially, millions of Democrats are not excited enough to spend money on anything political.  Could it be the case that the Republicans are more fired up than the Democrats?


Like it or not, it’s a fact of American politics that a candidate needs money to get into office. 

The average U.S. Senate race costs between $4 million and $7 million, while the average U.S. House race costs between $2 million to $6 million. In presidential races, the stakes are even higher. President Obamahad a record-breaking race in 2008, when he spent nearly $750 million to take the White House.

Four years later, Republicans are madder than ever at Obama, and their resolve to make him a one-term president is higher than ever. That passion, it turns out, will be matched only by their bank account. According to a recent article from Politico, Republican groups fighting for control of the Oval Office and Congress this year will spend $1 billion, a record amount. Politico’s Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei write

That total includes previously undisclosed plans for newly aggressive spending by the Koch brothers, who are steering funding to build sophisticated, county-by-county operations in key states. POLITICO has learned that Koch-related organizations plan to spend about $400 million ahead of the 2012 elections — twice what they had been expected to commit. 


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  1. Kim

    June 8, 2012 at 3:18 am

    Obama and his family is going to be taken care of rather he make it in 012 or not…the question is will you, me????

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