Supermodel Says We Should Boycott Mothers Day

Supermodel Christy Turlington Burns is catching flak for telling moms to boycott Mother’s Day.  She says that she is making the call in order to draw attention to her cause, but we wonder if she is trying to draw attention to herself.


Ever since Christy Turlington Burns announced that she would not be celebrating Mother’s Day this year – and asked other moms to join her, in her “No Mother’s Day” short film – she’s been catching grief.

Turlington Burns’ Every Mother Counts organization, which raises awareness about the 360,000 women who die each year from pregnancy or childbirth-related problems, wants fellow moms to spend the holiday in silence – no phone calls, no gifts, no Facebook, no fanfare from family.

The act of solidarity shows “just how much a mother is missed when she is gone,” the No Mother’s Day campaign states.

Critics – from mom bloggers to Every Mother Counts Facebook fans – want to know why Turlington Burns has to be such a, well, downer.

One commenter on the film’s YouTube page wrote:

“There must be a better way to raise awareness. Asking me to disappear on Mother’s Day punishes me and my family.”

Mommyish blogger Shawn Cohen says that while the campaign’s message is meaningful, it is “totally confusing. In fact, it makes zero sense.” In response to Turlington Burns telling a newspaper her own Mother’s Day will involve having a meal with her sister and mother, Cohen retorts:

“…she won’t answer the phone but she’ll go out for a celebratory meal?”




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