Zimmerman 8

George Zimmerman Tells Attorneys He Said “F*cking Punks”, Not “Coons” Before He Killed Martin [Video]

George Zimmerman says he whispered, “f*cking punks”, not a racial slur, in the moments before he fatally shot Trayvon Martin, according to CNN.


  1. He can’t get away with this one, there’s no way possible that these two expletives could be confused with one another. He said “coon” and technology will soon help his memory.

  2. They want you to hear punks but when I heard it….I heard a racial slur…. I know the difference between coons and punks! and he said…. Fucking Coons! His lawyers need to stop the crap and the media needs to stop supporting that nonsense! He said what he said and because of the outcome that it was racial profiling in my eyes…..they are trying to cover, cover and cover his ass! Justice needs to be served – Zimmerman needs to be arrested!

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