Soledad Interviews Marine

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Refuses to Say “Screw Obama” During Interview with Anti-Obama Marine

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien interviewed Marine Gary Stein, who is being discharged for making anti-Obama statements, for the CNN show Starting Point on Tuesday morning.

O’Brien, however, refused to quote out loud the phrase “screw Obama”, which Stein posted on a message board. “I won’t read the whole thing,” she said, and read the quote “As an active duty Marine, I say’ that word ‘Obama.’” It made for an awkward moment during what was otherwise a standard interview.

Stein admits that his words were “tasteless” but says they were shared on a closed forum and were only up for about five minutes.

But to get the full extent of why Stein is being given the boot from the Marine Corps, you must read the fuller context of the quote: “As an active duty Marine, I say screw Obama and I will not follow any orders from him.” That’s insubordination and that’s why Stein is being shown the door.

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  1. No comment

  2. Oh geez! Just report the story, it’s a flippin quote!! If you can’t say it, then don’t report it. He’s the idiot getting punished, not you Soledad. Too much bias in “journalism” today

  3. Thanks Soledad, you are not that “SUSAN CANDIOTTI” chick! You have CLASS!

  4. You know it really gets under my skin when people refer to President Obama as Mr.Obama

    • Please don’t take offense when President Obama is called “Mr. Obama.” It is one of the proper ways to speak of him. Did you know that the proper way to speak of a Protestant minister of any denomination is “Mister X”? First you refer to him as “The Reverend X.” Then you say “Mister X.” These days, with so many women in the clergy, we have to alter the “Mister” to “Madame.” “Madame” means “my lady,” in case you have a problem with it.

  5. this guy fits in the category of a traitor.

  6. Soledad shows much respect and class for and towards PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! I admire her for taking a stand in what she believes in. Many Americans who have served in the military (including myself) KNOW showing BLATANT DISRESPECT TOWARDS PRESIDENT OBAMA IS WRONG!!! He should be imprisoned, have a reduction in rank to Private, and all of his military pay should be taken, OH YES, and be given a DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE!!! He’s a disgrace to the MARINE CORPS!!!

  7. He claims the Tea Party is BiPartisan

    I’d like to know one tea party member who did not vote Republican.

    Who will support President Obama at the booth.

    This man is full of S_it , and he knows it.

    Get out here you right wing racist.

  8. Soledad is a very classy lady and because she is a news anchor does not mean she should use words she does not want to use. This kid shows very blatent disrepect for the President of the United States. He is still wet behind the ears for God sakes. He needs a spanking. I am so sick and tired of the bashing that has gone on over the past few years. Maybe this kid should have stayed home and played with his xbox.

  9. Hey Ruby, PRESIDENT OBAMA has earned that title. People are still referring to Bush as ” President Bush”, why doesn’t the sitting president deserve the same respect!

  10. You’re too right Kristjan!!!!

  11. That marine should have his behind courtmartialed and thrown in the brig. He is military personal…he doesn’t get to chose which orders he will follow and which he won’t. Imagine if soldiers were allowed to do this on the battlefield, it would be a catastrophe. If he did not want to pledge allegiance to his country, then he should not have enlisted. He should be jailed for sheer stupidity. Who, in this day and age, doesn’t know that social networks are not private…what a boob!!! This is just another example of how facebook can bite you in the ass.

  12. Bush fucked this world up and your bashing the president for trying to fix it? Execute that traitor for blatent disrespect of our second African American president bitches. Didn’t know that Mr Obama was our second black president. You dumb fucks

  13. Thanks for the “class” and the “respect”
    Ms Obrien, I wish more people in the news media had your integrity.
    It’s interesting this guy hired a Kreep for a lawyer. The Sgt really has gotten confused about right and wrong and anybody who thinks he’s right about insubordination should write on facebook or any social media what they really think about their boss and see how long they stay employed!

  14. Kevin, are you speaking of John Hanson? He was President of the Constitutional Congress… he was NOT President of the United States. Also whether or not he was Black is debatable.

  15. Ruby, once a person attains the office the proper address is ‘President’ not ‘Mr.’. When the president is referred to as mister it’s often meant to offend or out of ignorance. Do you call a married woman ‘Miss?’. Look it up.

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