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U.S. News – Justice Department, FBI to probe shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin


U.S. News – Justice Department, FBI to probe shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin

In the wake of spreading public outrage, the Justice Department and the FBI have opened an investigation into the shooting of a black teenager by a Florida neighborhood watch captain who escaped arrest.More than 435,000 people, many alerted by tweets from celebrities such as movie director Spike Lee and musician Wyclef Jean, signed a petition on Change.org, a social action website, calling for the arrest of the shooter, George Zimmerman.The Justice Departments Civil Rights Division and the FBI announced on Monday that they have opened an investigation into the shooting in Florida of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed when he was killed.

via U.S. News – Justice Department, FBI to probe shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

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  1. Ajuba

    March 20, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    I think that the very people being asked to do the investigation are the ones responsible for the problem. Its sad that were not organized enough as a grup to do our investigations and make decisions on judicial level concerning our children. These people don’t care about us. I respect the struggle I’ve been there. We have to protect and bring reprecusions to those who killl and harm our childre. its the natural order of thing. what other group on the planet lets peope kill their offspring and sits dowm?

  2. Ajuba

    March 20, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    I think that the very people being asked to do the investigation are the ones responsible for the problem. Its sad that were not organized enough as a grup to do our investigations and make decisions on judicial level concerning our children. These people don’t care about us. I respect the struggle I’ve been there. We have to protect and bring reprecusions to those who killl and harm our childre. its the natural order of things. What other group on the planet lets peope kill their offspring and sits dowm?

    • Ruby from NJ

      March 21, 2012 at 12:07 am

      Ajuba, it’s not that we sit down and let the atrocities happen. It’s that there are so many of these horrible attempts to kill off black children. I agree with what you say. I just wish you would check your spelling. Misspelled words take away from the excellent content of what you are saying.

  3. PJ

    March 21, 2012 at 12:16 am

    The people who are investigating this crime of walking in a neighborhood while being “BLACK” has nothing to do with the Justice Department and the FBI. We are looking at the corruption at its highest in Florida when the police chief in that area wouldn’t arrest Zimmerman nor even bother to take his weapon. This gives him all the right to see another “suspicious” BLACK child walking in that neighborhood and kill him. It is the correct decision for someone outside of this area to come in and sit this WRONG to RIGHT. Apparently this man doesn’t value children’s life, let along BLACK children’s lives. What would happen if some Black man or woman in that same neighborhood would see him walking down the street and thought he look out of place and run him down and shoot him. I guarantee you that they would be locked up so fast it would make your head spin.

    Yes, Zimmerman made a big mistake in thinking that killing someone’s child who only had a bag of skittles and a ice tea in his possession could do any harm to him while he had a loaded weapon in his possession. Mr. Zimmerman need to know that people are angry, very angry and something needs and will be done with this killing. He doesn’t appear to be losing any sleep, but rest assure Mr. Zimmerman this will not get swept under the rug.

    We as parents with children call for your arrest, prosecution and conviction. The you be put away for life.

  4. AJ Weberman

    March 21, 2012 at 12:25 am

    The Jewish Defense Organization is calling for the immediate arrest of Zimmerman for murder. Plus when he goes to the joint he should be put in General Population hopefully at Raiford State Pen. Zimmerman is a filthy racist pig.

  5. Jeanette

    March 21, 2012 at 12:41 am

    This is an accomplishment. The Black community along with decent persons of all races have united in this fight for justice. And the establishment could not ignore us. This is just the beginning of the battle. I think that it is important for us to acknowledge this accomplishment because too many deaths of our young people have been ignored. But we cannot believe that the battle is won. We must stay united and keep the pressure on the establishment until Zimmerman and all of the racist police representatives that attempted to cover-up this crime are jailed. The “Stand your ground” law of 2005 must also be abolished, in order to prevent this from happening again. And still this would be only the beginning. Please stay united.

  6. Terry

    March 21, 2012 at 12:58 am

    This has been the norm in America for many, many years. even with a Black president white people have not fear of the law or what may happen to them when they kill Black people. It has always been open season on killing black people. The cops do it all the time, so why would’nt other white people feel the freedom to kill and beat blacks. Theyknow nothing is going to happen to them. And why did it take this to bring this white man to justice. Thinl of all the cases around the country that don’t get this type of attention what will happen to other blacks? Nothing!!

  7. Edward Smikle

    March 21, 2012 at 2:06 am

    The justice Dept, will not do anything about it. They are just trying to silent black people. It is the way it is. This man may have a German name, but I can guarantee you that he is Jewish. He is not German. Dont be fooled who is on your side. People are always blaming Germany for what happen in WWII. Question is what happen to the German people after WWI? The cost for reporation bankrupt that nation. Their hands wer tied, the westen powers tried to strangulate them economically, while the jewish community were buying up everything they could get their hands on, whit mistreating the German people. They will not tell you that in the history book. They blame it all oh Hitler. I will not say Hitler, was any good. But one have to look at the whole history to get to the truth.
    That man killing that youngman will get away with it because of who he is. They will bring up the Hlecost all up again to justify his action. It is what it is.

  8. tawanda

    March 21, 2012 at 2:55 am

    Trayvon Martin was 10yrs old when the Stand Your Ground laws were passed. Who would guess that 7yrs later he would be the victim of a law passed when he was 10?

  9. Terry

    March 21, 2012 at 3:38 am

    His race doesn’t matter, he comitted a crime against a black young man. A child, if you please. Again I say its open season on black people and white people always wiggle their way out of it. As a black man we are always guilty before innocent. America try to present this total godliness and honesty about who we are. It’s a big lie! All the candates every year present the isuues, education, social issues, welfare reform. What about racial issues which these cowards never bring up.

  10. Kenneth Browning

    March 21, 2012 at 6:33 am

    Mr. Edward Smirkle, you are not who you profess to be… Why would you say something like that if you were not a “Republican” plant posting to make trouble. How do you know who is Jew or Gentile. Are you hanging with him, do you see him at the club or the Temple. Why would you say what you are saying if not for ignorance or to just start shit…?

  11. moplus

    March 21, 2012 at 6:38 am

    The stage was set shortly after the last election, remember those so-called tea party rallies with many participants guns under the guise of their right to do so. The other message is just what happen to that child. A justice department that has been missing for the past three , if not eleven years, and a president who has been running away from racial and domestic problems also contributed to this tragedy.

  12. Jerome F. Thompson

    March 21, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    What happen to this young man is a shame and must be dealt with to the fullest. We as Americans cant allow this to happen ever again without dealing with the person or persons responsible. We must band together as Americans and see that justice is delivered properly.

  13. Terry

    March 21, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    Good Point. People always want to justify someone’s ethnicty as if that excuses his actions. It does not!! if a black man did it it wouldn’t be right.

  14. z

    March 22, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Justice delayed is Justice denied! This child was murdered simply because this racist nut knew he could kill a black man especially a dark-skinned black, claim self defense and get away with it. He didn’t count on his own mouth proving him a liar….listen to the finally released tapes at 2mins 22 or 23 secs http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/16/trayvon-martin-911-audio-_n_1354909.html?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl1%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D144358

    If you listen carefully you hear him running saying fu_kn Coon before he guns him down this innocent child! Does not his own words prove this a hate crime?! One thing we do know is that the police has manipulated the tapes because because we hear the bleeps but Thank GOD the racist geniuses totally missed it or if they didn’t then Sanford Police need to be thrown in jail for justifying a hate crime!!! Adding insult to injury Police Chief Lee made the statement if Zimmerman could do things all over again he would do then different and so would Trayvon??? They test this child’s dead body for drugs and alcohol and do no tests whatsoever on this murderer. This is typical racist cracker mentality, Enough of the BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    April 10th is too long!!!!! Stop the bullshitin Zimmerman must be arrested right damn now, and stop tellin us to be patient, we’ve been patient long enough. They have all the evidence they need! We need to demand Justice right now!!!

  15. z

    March 22, 2012 at 7:43 am

    Sorry for the misspelled, I am mad as hell to hear Lee blame Trayvon saying he bet that Trayvon would do things different as well further damaging this young boy’s image. Get rid of Lee and the whole damn Sanfor KKK Police Clan. That includes the token Black face Norton Bonaparte Sanford City Manager whose justifying this hate crime against another Black!!! Totall unacceptable and Justice will come but not if we don’t put pressure and demand it now!!!!!

  16. Terry

    March 22, 2012 at 9:19 am

    I often wonder if or when will the country respect black life. We are hunted as animals and our lives seem to be so worthless.When the so called law of the land refuse to protect you then where do the black people go andwhere can they turn. This kind of thing always happen to black men. And, nothing is ever done. No amount of law is going to change this trend until the congress and white house publicly acknowledge the ugly happening of racism in this country. when the board is even then and only then will there be respect for the lives of Black people.

  17. Robin

    March 22, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    With all due respect Zimmerman is a Spanish speaking Hispanic not a white man. Hispanics are a mixed race from the Carribean & Central America. Their blood is a mixture of the Spanish, natives, and African blacks. Next, the bigger picture of what happened in Western Europe does not mitigate the damages of what happened in Florida. Zimmerman dreamed of being a law enforcement officer, and had no proper training. He racially profiled numerous innocent teenaged blacks, because he was an ignorant fool. Tragically Trayvon Martin was his victim. He should be held accountable for his actions.

  18. Kenneth Browning

    March 23, 2012 at 12:11 am

    Mr. Moplus I do not think you have your facts right or at best do not know or is not aware of the intricasies of the halls of power. To say that the POTUS is unawares or do not care for the people that put him over the top into the “House” shows a lack of understanding or an outright ignorance of what’s really going on in Washington, or you are just repeating the sound bites as well as Fox News and crew. But… Google Barack Obama… in the meantime you have a do-over, on me!

  19. z

    March 23, 2012 at 2:01 am

    Moplus ur on point! Obama have chimmed in quickly on other less important issues especially the Kanye/Swift but yet so far have been silent and missing on this issue and those directly affecting Blacks. This is a now THANK GOD! a National issue and we must not let up. Obama’s silence Especially on any dealings with Black men or boys other than to say how irresponsible they are speaks volumes. Of course we know there are some who are irresponsible, like there are in all other races, But but unlike all other races combined, Blacks have the highest numbers of negatives in everything from murders, health, lack of income, education, Police Brutality, incarceration, unfair incarceration, it goes on and on. We as a people cannot ignore Obama and Michelle’s silence on this. They both should be put on front about it, especially since they both have taken on and supported all other race specific issues but have literally ran away pluggin their ears and closin their eyes to issues like this specific to Black……We as Blacks have to stop given them passes becuz they are supporting everyone else but their own…For those of u makin excuses for them, keep allowin urselves to treated like 3rd class citizens and keep gettin what ur gettin.

    U r exactly right when u say Obama’s and the Justice Dept’s silence on the injustices against Blacks, and Obama showing no balls or courage to stand up against them has contributed to this tragedy! It absolutely has and has embolden these racist from the Zimmermans to the Tea Party Racist, Gingrich, Romney and all the so called conservatives which is just another name for racist to escalate their hate against us which we see right before us in the outright murder of young Tray and the negative comments they come up with. So those who say u r repeating the sound bits of fox, or that u r ignorant of the issues, needs more education themselves…Keep tellin like it really is!

    Another issue we need to address is the racism being displayed against Blacks by Latino/Hispanic/Mexican or whatever they consider themselves. Many of them mimmick the racism and attitudes of Whites which is what we see in the likes of Zimmerman. While we’re quick to support them and say its a Black and Brown thing, the Browns don’t readily speakup for Black.

    If we keep making excuses for Obama and whoever ignores or minimize the suffering of Blacks are contributors to the Trayvon Martin tragedy and those to come…It’s up to us to stop it and collectively we can!

  20. Ayoe Skot

    March 23, 2012 at 9:50 am

    TRAYVON MARTINS- R.I.P.- Your death shall not have been in vain……

    If anyone doubts the levels to which this nations law enforcement as well as racist private white citizenry have taken the genocide of African-Americans, the case of Trayvon Martins provides just the latest in a very long line of incomprehensible acts of horror that justify the default position of racist bigotry which characterizes white America,

    If we are just to take a sample of a multi-cultural microcosm of this society- the military- and weigh the recent spate of misconduct against select members of this august body, you will see the true nature of white America. You have the soldiers that were urinating on the bodies of the Afghan soldiers, the burning of the Koran by soldiers, the shooting rampage of the ‘decorated soldier, the posturing with the Nazi flag of the soldiers, the crashing of the 10 million dollar Apache helicopter while showboating, the shooting of fellow soldiers by one of their own and the rape of innocent schoolgirls in Okinawa by a soldier. The only thing these soldiers have in common aside from being part of the greatest fighting force ever assembled on the face of the earth is that they are all White! Is it just a coincidence that in a U.S. military which comprises of people from every race on earth, none of the minorities are part of the disgraced behavior which has come to typify the face of the American military in recent times? Indeed, are we better off now in 2012 than we were in 1812? Is the barbarism any less than it was four centuries ago during the slave trade? Can we really put a stop to this stupidity which the white race in America seems unable or unwilling to acknowledge is genocide masquerading as democracy?

    The saddest aspect of American history is not only that people who respond with indignation to stories regarding racial profiling and exploitation in America do so uninformed, but that the same people who scream that we should all let 150 year old sleeping dogs lie, never stop attempting to distort history! The Jewish Holocaust claimed the lives of 6 million Jews by comparison but the memory of that genocide is treated with a reverence unmatched on earth. In comparison the American Slave Trade was the worst genocide in the history of the world with 60 million Black slaves killed ‘in the process of forcible transportation alone’, millions more died to provide the labor required to resurrect and turn America into one of the richest countries in the world, after which they decided the next logical step in their perpetual consolidation of power in the new lands, was to make the Black Diaspora a race everyone would despise and be afraid of.

    All along the Nazi-like historical path of American Caucasian development, corpses litter the way courtesy of the 1646 Law which made religious heresy punishable by death, the 1662 Law which recognized slavery as a hereditary and lifelong condition, the 1696 Law which excused any white person who killed a slave while carrying out a punishment, Virginia’s 1705 Law which explicitly defined all blacks, mixed or otherwise as slaves forever, the 1756 Scalp Act in which Governor Robert Norris put a perpetual bounty on the scalps of Indian women and children, the 1790 Law which allowed citizenship for whites only, the 1857 Dred Scott Decision which proclaimed that Black people had no rights a white person was bound to respect and would never be citizens of the United States, the Indian Removal Act of 1830, the 1863 Miscegenation Law which forbade intermarriage and interracial sex between whites and other races, the 1881 Chinese Exclusion Law and the literally millions of lesser known racially-based laws in towns, municipalities, corporations and neighborhoods all across America, which historically has decided who gets to be elected into what positions of power; the inequality in how and where resources end up being allocated have been a testament to the culture of prejudice and inequality for which America, unfortunately, is most known. Even worse, descendants of these early Neanderthal Caucasians have been inculcated with the feigned validity of these laws, and though most of them have long been repealed, they still act as if they believe these laws to hold true.

    Even while Thomas Jefferson was penning hateful and vitriolic words in ‘Notes on the State of Virginia’ about the inferiority of Blacks as an excuse why they would never be assimilated into American society, he was lost in the throes of passion, in bed, by one of these so-called savages, Sally Hemmings. Ironically, in the twilight of his years, he only allowed his trusted butler, a slave named Burwell, unrestricted access to his person. If you read “The Black image in the White Mind: Media and Race in America”, by Robert Entman and Andrew Rojecki and you will come away with a deeper understanding of the sinister progression of hatred for Blacks that American Caucasians have cultivated since persons, other than the Native Americans, have settled in this land. “Without Sanctuary”, by James Allen [Twins Palms Publisher] is another excellent book. Thousands were killed after the U.S. annexed Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Hawaii in 1898 all in the name of ‘Manifest Destiny’.

    The forcible extraction of labor, be it from African slaves, Latinos, Native Americans or Asians [Chinese in the Gold Rush of the 1800’s on Americas transatlantic railroads] is almost always followed [after whatever mineral deposits these racist oppressors are after -gold, oil, silver, timber, human labor, coal, rubber, name it- have been depleted] by the forcible removal of said ‘helpful’ minority populations, it happened to over 400,000 Latinos in the 1930’s and again now in Arizona; it happened in 1838 on the ‘trail of tears’ when thousands of Native American Cherokees died while being forcibly removed from their native lands to Oklahoma after the United States Army declared all Indian lands as U.S. property, thousands of Indians were killed in an effort to eliminate them through genocide; [a fortune was later amassed by the great-great grandfather of John McCain’s wife, forcing the supply of rotgut cheap whiskey to the Native-Americans in order to further weaken all resistance; this was later parlayed into the Anheiser-Busch beer empire of which she is heiress today…you just gotta know where the bodies are buried and in what closets the skeletons reside; it has happened traditionally wherever the American Caucasian presence has reared it’s ugly head.

    Go to the much respected “http://www.soulofjustice.org”, a documentary recounting the journey of one of the first African-American federal judges [Thelton Henderson] in a largely racist justice system and you’ll be horrified at accounts of truth.

    Cultivation Theory which explains a large portion of why and how perception is formed by the media attempts to disseminate the apparent ignorance and gullibility of the average American [white] citizen. I wonder what backroom deals were made to relax the former FCC Telecommunication Act of 1996, which had previously limited the private ownership of radio stations to 36 stations, so that heavily pro-Republican, pro-racist companies such as Clear Channel [with executives such as Tom Hicks and Lowry Mays] could own 1300 radio stations as at 2008. What is the real agenda here? You have to know where the bodies are buried and when and why these backroom deals are made, as well as for whose benefit. Check the numerous financial deals between George Bush and Tom Hicks and how many millions of dollars exchanged hands in deals involving the Texas Rangers and UTIMCO- [UT Investment Management Company]. While the degenerative stench of the racial profiling decay which has gripped America continues, the real game is being played out in the acquisition of Middle East and African fields of oil, mineral rich territories of gold and diamonds in South Africa and Sierra Leone as well as the mind-boggling accumulation of weapons of mass destruction and the rape of those places by insidious elements is invariably followed with false pleas for ‘conservation’ of these regions resources.

    When presented with the best opportunity to capture Osama Bin Laden, President George W. Bush elected to allow almost 50 members of his immediate family who perhaps had Bin Ladens’ phone number on speed dial escape, escorted, out of Boston Airport, perhaps, as some have maintained because he really did not want the younger terrorist brother of Omar Bin Laden [President Bush’s business partner] President Obama, by comparison, has delivered time and again, but is derided and despised by the ruling Caucasian class. Shame on you America! Slaves and their descendants have paid their dues in blood, sweat and tears to this malicious and ungrateful society. We are just the same as everyone else. We bleed red and encompass the best and worst of humanity, just like every other race. We refuse to be labeled as the monsters you have incessantly tried to convince the rest of the country and world that we are. So to those out there with little knowledge about the history their kind have so carefully have attempted to ignore or cover up….wake up and smell the coffee!

    Why fix something that ain’t broke, is the attitude of most Caucasians who, understandably, are eager to take advantage of a situation which ensures that every aspect of American society is geared towards boosting their upward mobility at the expense of the progress of minorities, in fact it is in their best interests to keep promoting and propagating the myths and fallacy of the angry, dangerous, criminal Black man. A ‘respected’ Nobel Prize winner for his work with transistors, William Shockley, came up with the idea of a ‘sperm bank’, not inclusive of the progeny of Blacks who, he suggested, should be sterilized and compensated with incentives of transistor radios. In other words, bribe Blacks with radios so that you could sterilize them so Blacks would not be able to produce children anymore. Even the great Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Oh, how difficult it is to actually see Black people”. Josephine Baker once said, “The idea of America gives me nightmares”. Every civilization associated with American Caucasians and ‘democracy’ lies on the backs of the labor of indigenous peoples and is predicated on the premise that Blacks have no future.

    Imperialists have at them….have no fear; here we are so ignorant we can’t tell where anywhere is, let alone what’s really happening in those countries. Check your history (not the regurgitated version either)…in Panama, Cuba, Balkans, Venezuela, Congo, Argentina, South Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan, Slovenia, Russia, Nicaragua, Libya, Liberia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Japan, Peru, Taiwan, Philippines amongst forty score countries and more; where does it all end?

    When are we going to stop the bloody and deadly manipulation of countries in order to assimilate their wealth into the American economy? In 1985, as a young congressman, Dick Cheney voted to support the racism Apartheid regime in South Africa. He went as far as to vote against a House resolution urging the release of Nelson Mandela from 25 years of imprisonment for his political beliefs. Years later, following a pattern that we have been used to seeing over the course of history [of course after hundreds of thousands of metric tons of diamonds and gold worth billions and billions of dollars had been excavated by American companies], after the near depletion of the country’s natural resources, pressed by international journalists Cheney claimed the whole thing was, quote, “a trivial matter”. This is the mentality of racists.

    America supplied the chemical weapons and mustard gas to Saddam Hussein when there was a possibility that he would be an ally and use those weapons against Iran. When he stopped being that ally and used it against his enemies in Kuwait, we pounced and accused him of possession of chemical weapons, a charge which eventually led to false charges of possession of nuclear weapons and an ill-fated invasion which cost America dearly.

    While we were bemoaning and lamenting the evil nature of the third Reich and battling Adolf Hitler, the United States of America were actually doing business with him behind closed doors, supplying IBM computers that enabled him to track, locate and eventually exterminate six million Jews, a fact that made us label him a monster. Without these IBM machines, it would have been near impossible for him to commit these atrocities. This is the true face of American politics, business and prejudice. These are the ‘sleeping dogs’ that American Caucasians wish that people would stop talking about, stop pointing out; these are the behavioral traits, inherited from hate-infused progenitors and passed on to subsequent descendants, that they invest so much in keeping hidden. The more we expose this kind of behavior, the less power they have over us, over society…and they hate it.

    From the slave trade days to the blood diamonds of Sierra Leone, from murdering Patrick Lumumba and Steve Biko to siphoning the diamonds and gold out of South Africa while we made sure Nelson Mandela languished in jail, from the Iran Contra affair to arming (then betraying) Saddam Hussein, from ordering the massacre of the native American population on the Trail of Tears to turning the economy of Mexico into a vast wasteland, from the Bay of Pigs in Cuba to the support of the murderous regimes that have made the Middle East a perpetual war zone, from the fictional so-called ‘liberation’ of a half-dozen mineral/oil-rich countries to the manipulation of the mass media back home which produces the kind of ignorant hate-filled comments which grace web pages every single day, from the staged suicide [assassination] of Allende in Chile to the hundred or so attempts on Fidel Castros life in Cuba, from arming both sides of three dozen wars the world over every other year, to the decimation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, from American scientists deliberately infecting Guatemalans and their own patients, soldiers and prisoners in Tuskegee, Alabama with syphilis, the list is unbelievably endless, the horrors mind-numbing.

    For you die-hard racists out there, at least learn the details of your history before spouting your vitriol-filled, hate-mongering, ignorance-promoting falsehoods which only serve to further the divisions which characterize this nation. The media is manipulated to incessantly portray minorities as criminals while the child molesters, disgruntled anti-government elements, mass murderers and corporate raiders are visibly and mainly not minorities.

    Observe your own history and check the race of people here who, at the drop of a hat, go to work and eviscerate dozens of their colleagues, the race of those who turn your college campuses into warzones, the race of people who mass-murder and then cannibalize their victims, the race of those here that kidnap, molest and rape children [look up ex-Red Sox Manager Donald Fitzpatrick’s 20 year history of child molestation as well as Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky’s extensive history of raping little boys], the race of those here who have bombed large places of business such as the Oklahoma Federal Building [look up Timothy McVeigh and the more recent ‘Covert Group’ in Georgia], the race of people who maintain brainless, pointless but heavily armed militias, the race of people who decimate the middle class by draining the finances of the masses of citizens in pyramid Ponzi schemes, rendering the lives and futures of their victims seemingly hopeless; however these are all mostly swept under the carpet. These are the real monsters in our midst; the ones we should truly be afraid of, and guess what surprise, surprise, they are not Black, they are not Mexican, they are not Chinese and they are not “illegals”. They are always Caucasian Americans. Thus it is not a coincidence, nor does it come as a shock, that the worst atrocities committed in the history of this country have been inflicted by Caucasian Americans; you do the math.

    The truth is the list is endless but all is forgiven as long as you are white and are willing to serve a little probation or community service after repeated offences. Let’s just shine the beacon of hatred on these other black people who hold up a mom and pop liquor store [not that this is any better] because we don’t like their accents or dreadlocks. Let’s paint minorities as monsters for a few DUI’s because Caucasians are terrified of the myth of African sexual domination. Let’s make the Mexicans totally responsible for all the crime in America and terrify our citizens into believing that crime in America exists because of porous border controls. Fear is the currency with which the population is dominated and subjugated to racist policies. Our own monstrosities outweigh, if not dwarfs the worst of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. Have at it imperialists, have at it NSA, CIA and other spooks. Don’t worry; we are too ignorant in the homeland heartland to notice…or care. We are too busy drinking the kool-aide of hate you generously bestow through your disinformation and propaganda. East Germany issued a stamp in honor of the late great actor Paul Robeson after he was denied a passport by the United States government in 1950 for ‘frequently airing criticisms of the treatment of Blacks in America’…

    You gotta love this ‘democratic’ country of ours…federal sentencing guidelines allows judges to indiscriminately discriminate against offenders in drug cases based on thier ‘discretion’ or alternatively, the race of the defendant in question. Recently, Caucasian Artist Tom Otterness was awarded a $370,000 contract by the S.F. Arts Commision even after it came to light that he had shot a dog years ago in cold blood, as part of an ‘art project’…Ha! Isn’t that why Michael Vick was thrown into federal prison for several years? There are an average of a hundred thousand, (yes, 100,000) comparative cases which have discrimination and prejudice written all over them which are covered up each and every day in this great nation of ours, you just have to know where to look. Like the Rev. Jeremy Wright once famously said, “…not God bless America, God damn America!!!”!!!!

    And then you have the strange story of poor ex-Green Bay Packer Johnny Jolly whose only real crime is being black; he was just sentenced to 6 years in jail for possession of………codeine…haha…America, are you serious..codeine, really? Can anyone say Rush Limbaugh, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or Jenna Bush? Oh, I’m sorry, they’re all white…..Johnny Jolly is getting 6 years which is what the so-called ‘hero’ and ‘Robin Hood’ of Washington, Colton Harris Moore got for robbing over a hundred houses, stealing several planes, cars and boats, shooting at people and being on the FBI’s most wanted list for years (yeah, right). It took the backward ill-equipped police force of the black nation of the Bahamas to arrest him. Yet 20th Century Fox has already negotiated with the ‘charismatic barefoot bandit’ to the tune of $1.3 million to tell his ‘heroic’ tale once he gets out of jail. Yeah, I guess Johnny Jolly codeine self abuse is just as heinous, right? We need not even inquire into the race of persons involved in these kind of cases every day. If they are granted basic human rights, their identities not released or the charges dropped, reduced to a mere pittance such as probation or dismissal, we have our answer. If their faces are shown every five minutes on every station in the nation, if they have no right to the presumption of innocence before being judged guilty, if they are used to inflame passions of fear we immediately know they are minorities. Welcome to America.

    19 year old Sonoma State University student, Kaitlyn Dunaway was just sentenced to 5 DAYS (!) in jail after she plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter for killing a two year old girl while texting and driving. The girl she killed was part Chinese. I leave you to guess the race of Ms. Dunaway. We are all witness to the recent gruesome ‘alleged’ rapes of young boys by the former Penn State defensive coach. Can anyone say probation? In 2009 Rush Limbaugh, arrested after being in possession of over two thousand painkillers several times more powerful and prohibited than codeine, which more than four doctors had procured for him over a mere six month period, had all charges dropped if he continued a drug treatment program. While white celebrities like Linsday Lohan, Paris Hilton, amass an enviable repeat offender reputation for drug possession, among other serious offences, they routinely serve a day or so in jail…and come out as ‘heroes’. I have friends of all races and I want to emphasize that it is not personal or the fault of my Caucasian brethren that the system is set in this fashion If the shoe were on the other foot, I’d probably take advantage of it too….I just like to point out facts that other people wish would stay buried. See you in the funny pages!

    I started out by posting a list of thousands of murdered African-Americans at the hands of racist law enforcement officers in America as a tribute to the memory of Kenneth Chamberlain Snr. and Trayvon Martins, as well as tens of thousands of other innocent murdered black men, women and children, before I thought, what the hell man..? What difference is it going to make to the family of yet another massacred Black man in America? The truth of the matter is that since America was conceived, there has always been a tacit insertion into the psyche of the Caucasian-American that the decimation of the Black race is a necessity for their survival.

    America has gradually segued from the days of the slavery and lynchings to mealy-mouthed two-facedness and legal executions…the land of the free and the home of the brave? What a joke, more like the land of the shackled and the home of the cowardly. Have you ever noticed how the average Caucasian-American, which is, generally speaking, your average racist, cannot even bring themselves to look you in the eye except when in the planning stages of something dastardly; then it is with a knowingly evil smirk of satisfaction that they are eager to lure you into a false sense of acceptance before dealing you an underhanded blow?

    This will NEVER go away…it took former Speaker of the house Mineta (Japanese origin) from 1945 to 1988 to gain reparations and a national public apology from Reagan for the humiliations and incarcerations of Japanese-Americans during the post-Pearl Harbor attacks. It took him a scant 43 years to achieve for his people what we have failed as a a people to achieve in over 200 years of enduring atrocities so inhumane that if this were a foreign dictator treating his own people like this, using state apparatus to murder them in cold blood, we would have rushed in with planes and bombs before whisking the dictator off to the Court in the Hague. Ironically, if you check Wikipedia and a score of other sites there is no mention of Mineta and his tireless efforts and contributions to make this come about. This is the real face of America. I want everybody who reads this…every human being of African descent who reads this to THINK and retweet, resend, re-email and forward this next paragraph, if not this article to everybody they know as a wake-up call to draw attention to the urgency of this situation….

    The number of the victims of World War 1, World War 2, Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, Joseph Stalin’s Russia, Libya’s Muoamar Ghaddafi, Syria’s Bashir, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Joseph Kony (KONY 2012), The South American drug cartels, The impasse in the Middle East, Death Squads in Latin America, The Blood Diamond Wars, The Mau-Mau Wars in Kenya, The Apartheid Regime in South Africa, Executions in China, The Famine in Africa, The Civil War of Lebanon, The Vietnam War as well as EVERY war America has ever been involved COMBINED….ARE LESS THAN THE NUMBER OF AFRICAN-AMERICANS THAT HAVE BEEN MURDERED BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

    During the slave trade alone, upwards of 20 million people died in the demented quest to forcibly transport Africans to America for forced labor so that America could be the wealthy and powerful nation it is today…..and this is a conservative estimate. If one is to believe the writings of notable scholars such as the late Dr. John Henrik Clarke, this number is easily closer to 60 million! (And this was before the lynchings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries or the state-sponsored genocide since then).

    We are locked in a war with the racist power structure of our own country, let’s face it. Until the power structure changes, until we have a preponderance of elected leaders that can change the mindset of brainwashed ordinary Americans who have bought into the notion that Black America is the most dangerous thing to happen to this nation instead of the converse, until the killings and disrespect in our own communities and among our own people are replaced by education and a progressive light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel possibility, NOTHING will change!!!

    My great-grandchildren in the year 3012 will be writing similar essays and making the same pleas to a generation of further disillusioned youth…and the beat goes on while a certain broad Caucasian section of the national populace will continue to jump from twentieth story windows because they lost a few million dollars in the stock market, their priests continue to molest little boys, kidnap, rape and kill little children, get slaps on the wrists for the most atrocious offenses, their crimes will continue to be excused and swept under the carpet under the guise of stress or ‘mental breakdowns’, continue to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the poor and the Middle Class and be bailed out by the government, continue to be the dregs of the same society they currently dominate while making divisive, discretionary sentencing guidelines and racist, marginal laws that make it a crime to be a member of a minority race in the land of the shackled and the home of the cowardly.

    As the great Mutabaruka said in one of his immortal poems, “This poem will not stop even though you want this poem to stop, you will be disappointed by this poem because this poem is to be continued in your mind”.

    Aluta Continua

    My name is Tokunboh and I approve this message of truth.

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