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NAACP Seeks U.N. Help With New Voter I.D. Laws


NAACP Seeks U.N. Help With New Voter I.D. Laws

It is debatable whether the strategy of seeking outside intervention over internal political disputes is useful. (Remember the UN resolution equating Zionism with racism?)  Anyway, the NAACP is at it again:

From Democracy Now:

A delegation from the NAACP is heading to Geneva this week to testify before the United Nations Human Rights Council about restrictive new voting laws in several U.S. states. Since last year, 15 states have passed new voting laws. The NAACP says the new laws suppress the votes of the poor, students and people of color. Last week, civil rights leaders, including the NAACP’s Benjamin Jealous, retraced the historic 1963 Selma to Montgomery Alabama march to call for voting rights. The NAACP’s decision to seek support from the United Nations has been compared to efforts by the NAACP in the 1940s and 1950s when the group looked to the United Nations and international community for support in its domestic battle for civil rights and against lynching.


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