Dr. Boyce: So, They are Telling Us Not to Re-Nig in 2012? Let's Talk about That | Kulture Kritic
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Dr. Boyce: So, They are Telling Us Not to Re-Nig in 2012? Let’s Talk about That


Dr. Boyce: So, They are Telling Us Not to Re-Nig in 2012? Let’s Talk about That

Someone forwarded me an image of a bumper sticker that jolted my brain more than a pound of coffee with extra sugar and a spoonful of Crystal Meth.  The bumper sticker said, “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012,” making reference to President Barack Obama and the 2012 presidential campaign.

Just kidding on the Meth joke, I’ve never use illegal drugs.  But I’d be lying like a dog if I didn’t say that I was taken aback and offended by this bumper sticker, which isn’t exactly the sort of thing you expect to see in the lovely post-racial society that America has become.  In case you aren’t aware, having a black president eliminates 400 years of slavery, lynching, castrations, whippings, late night murders, rapes. family destruction, false convictions, terrorism and theft.  I know this is true because Bill O’Reilly said so – you black people just need to get over it.

While the bumper sticker certainly seems to be good reason to get up in arms, I woke up this morning thinking that perhaps we’re all being a bit too sensitive about this.  This shocking fact may surprise you, but I’ll let you in on a little secret:  There are still some really racist people in America.

Yes, black people, there are folks who will still call you a n*gger.  There are people who won’t live next door to you, and there are others who won’t let you date their relatives.   There are people who put on white robes, hang nooses on other people’s doors and might even burn a cross in your front yard.

The thing is that these people are never going to go away.  I wonder how productive it is for us to go bananas over every extreme example of racism that we find on the Internet?  Wouldn’t that be like trying to kill every rat, fly and pigeon in New York City or trying to interview every woman who’s had sex with Bill Clinton?  Some jobs are simply impossible to do.

The bumper sticker was likely created by one delusional individual or small company that still thinks that we should be at the back of the bus. But guess what?  Most white people would not buy this bumper sticker and would be repulsed by it. Also, going nuts over every tiny example of racism only gives a tremendous amount of power to the one extremist who wants to get national attention for some maniacal idea.   In this regard, I agree with President Obama’s reaction to racism he’s seen from Republicans:  It’s all part of the game, a tool that your enemies use to control your thinking and you have to rise above it to focus on more important issues.

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Now, this doesn’t alleviate the Republican Party of its guilt in much more subtle forms of racism.  It is also true that Republicans are more than happy to gain momentum from the subconscious anger that many Americans have about taking orders from a black man.  But the days where we all prepare to riot because one fool made an outrageous bumper sticker have to go.

I’d love to see us get just as angry over forms of racism that have a more pervasive effect, like the prison industrial complex, which has incarcerated so many black men that it’s undermined the very structure of the black family in America.  We can talk about the fact that there is a smaller percentage of black homeowners today than there was in 1990.   We might also mention that our kids are forced to attend horrible schools or that black family wealth is still less than 1/10th that of white families.  You can’t do that much damage with 10,000 bumper stickers, I assure you.

If you are Jewish, I’m sure there is a bumper sticker out there that says that the holocaust never happened.  If you are a woman, there is something out there calling you a b*tch. In a nation with 311 million people in it, there is always something, somewhere out there to offend everyone, and we can’t all go crazy every time we are exposed to the ridiculous ranting of some ignorant white person.

Now, if two out of every three white people were buying this bumper sticker, I might get it.   If the Republicans were using this phrase as their national campaign slogan, then I’d say “burn this mutha down.”  If I were on my way to work and saw four of my colleagues bumping “Don’t Re-Nig” t-shirts, I might get into a fist fight that day.  But I’m tired of going bonkers every time somebody out there finds something to indicate that there are some white people who hate our guts.

Guess what?  Your grandchildren will still see those same bumper stickers if they go out and look for them.  But if you keep focusing on the small-minded picture of racism, you will usually miss the big picture entirely.


Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and author of the book, “Black American Money.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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  1. Dana

    March 16, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    Greetings Dr.Watkins, I am a long time reader of your information and greatly appreciate your perspective. Regarding this article on the racist bumper sticker (Don’t Re-Nig in 2012) and your assessment that it should register beneath the radar of reproach and response so as not to ‘make famous/empower’ the small racist fringe of people that publish and proudly and openly display such racist materieal. Sometimes when investigated one might discover that the same parties that distribute and display such hate are card carrying members of of racist fringe groups that might double as managers in corporations, clergy, even public school teachers. Dr. Watkins, I ask, how do you acertain what ‘racism’ should and should not be resonded to? Secondly, regarding President Obama’s stance of chosing not to respond to the racism of the Republican right, how does he determine what merits (is serious enough of a racist affront to which he should respond?) Please note that he, then candidate Obama, determined that Rev. Wrights was ‘adequately’ enough of a racialized affront (toward whites) to respond…In a nationally televised way I might add. Most recently the phone call to Ms. Fluke (the Harvard target of Rush Limbaugh) was adequate (though sexist and mysogynist not racist) was response worthy. Is not the gunning down of a black unarmed 17 year old and the police cover up that followed enough to engender at least a phone call of condolence. By the way Dr. Watkins, here in Atlanta, there lie dead, shot in the back them all, three such unarmed young black men that occurred in just the last 6 months by police officers. The retaliatory attack on the sister from the Dept. of Agriculture (sorry her name eludes me)when she boldly blew the whistle on longstanding racism in in of the Dept. of Agr. in equitably servicing black farmers, yet again did no merit Pres. Obama’s response. Yet the arrest of Professor Gates on his porch by the white police officer…got the police officer a visit for a beer with the Pres. following which he said “he would do nothing differently.” Mr. Green (former, fired Green Czar) african american male, found to have made anti-white statements in his past was immediated responded to by the President. You’re history. I detect a pattern of ‘one way non responsiveness’ from the white house when it comes to racist episodes toward blacks from whites. Not so when it comes from the vantage point of Black outing or challenging white racism. Another case in point is the latest racist email sent from the Federal White Male Judge in Montana that attacks the President mother and likens her to one that would sleep with dogs to bear brown skinned offspring. That too Dr.Watkins in your purview is ‘too trite’ to merit Presidential response I gather from you ratioanale in this article. Well, I would posit to that any and alll racist attacks toward blacks continues to dehumanize us as individuals, communities, and citizens and opens the floodgates of oppression a bit wider each and everytime they are not in fact responded to effectively and immediately. Do all racist slights and rants merit the same amount of energy and attention. I think not. But all most definitely merit a response so as not to further contribute to the ‘new normal’ of racism as usual or even worst a tacit buy-in to the mythical ‘post racial’ society that far too many subcribe too these days and you so eloquently but sarcastically allude to herein, since the election of a President of color. Please keep writing, keep working, and keep making a difference Dr. Watkins. I’d love to hear back from you.

    a black man named ‘dana’l

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